Pros and Cons of Solar Power

Solar Energy Pros And Cons

Okay, so you’ve thought about changing your power source to solar power.  But now it’s time to really take the plunge and decide for yourself what the right choice for you may be.  Here are a few advantages and disadvantages for switching over to solar power.

Solar Power Advantages

  • Solar power is a renewable energy source that does not harm the environment when it is produced.
  • Sunlight is prevalent everywhere which is very different from fossil fuels which exist only in certain places.  While sunlight does not appear evenly throughout the world, solar energy can be created anywhere, even though there is not a local energy utility.  This means you can create power in inaccessible places.
  • the components necessary to build a solar system can be bought and used to construct a system fairly inexpensively
  • Solar energy does not cost anything
  • The technology exists and is currently used to implement solar radiation as and energy source for electricity, heat, and mechanical power
  • Solar systems do not require fuel to be delivered to your home or business and the fuel (or solar energy) will never run out
  • Solar systems can last for many years as these systems contain no moving parts
  • You can determine up front, the amount of power that a solar energy system will produce
  • Solar systems are silent and, as the technology advances, are becoming less and less visible
  • You can qualify for financial incentives from the government to assist you in paying for the system and will receive tax breaks when the system is in use
  • Using solar energy reduces the use of fossils fuels and creating greenhouse gases

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  • Solar panels require a great deal of space.  Therefore the roof is the best location but the direction you roof faces can impact the amount of power that can be produced
  • You can not generate solar power at nighttime which requires a method of storing the energy during daylight hours.
  • Batteries for storing energy for use later can be expensive. However, costs for these components are going down as more people convert to this type of power source. 
  • Bad weather can affect the amount of power generated
  • The cost of installing a solar power system can be expensive if you do not know where to find low cost components

solar power advantages

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