Can we mix different wattage and types of panels in Solar installation?

Hi, I want to know can we mix for example, solar panels from different companies and different wattage to power a home?

For example, if i mix Kyocera Solar 200w + Sharp 170w +
Aten Solar 60w etc to make up my installation?

What are the pros and cons?

Thanks for your answer. Really appreciated.

Alternative Solar Power

alternative solar power
In your opinion, what is the best alternative energy source?

1. Hydroelectricity 2. Biomass (biofuels) 3. Geothermal 4. Wind Power 5. Solar Energy

I am of the view that all forms of alternative energy, excluding biomass (biofuels) and energy nuclear, are great alternatives. However, to prepare, on the basis of my work in the field of total energy independence in 2018, because solar energy is me favorite. Solar energy, one of my two favorites, the other wind energy, is about to exploit the recent invention of two things: One is nanotechnology and the second is the alternative use of parabolic mirrors. Let me explain. The work is developing more efficient solar cell that is smaller and more lighter than today's development. The company is Nanosolar ( and a process that still do not understand, is a compound produced and cast and painted in tin, which can be simple and inexpensive mass produced. The resulting solar cell has more energy and is much easier to produce than it does now. Furthermore, silicon process eliminates therefore reduce the price significantly. Solar cells are designed to be available to the public next year (2009). The second advance in solar energy is the development of a parabolic mirror at MIT. This process concentrates sunlight to a point that acts as a magnifying glass. This could result in a liquid to be heated enough to turn the creation of a power turbine. But another use of the mirrors could be used to supplement to sunlight available. It makes sense that a higher degree of concentrated sunlight on a set of solar cells get more solar energy over a long period of time. The parabolic mirror shows incredible promise. It's cheap, light and easy to reproduce.

Clean Solar Power Alternative Energy

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How many kilowatt hours of electricity will the solar panels generate in 20 days?

A house with a south-facing roof has photovoltaic panels on the roof. The photovoltaic panels have an efficiency of 10.3 % and occupy an area with dimensions 3.35 m by 8.55 m. The average solar radiation incident on the panels is 305 W/m2, averaged over all conditions for a year. How many kilowatt hours of electricity will the solar panels generate in 20 days?

How to get solar power continuously and without any interrupt?

Gas prices are bound to increase , I think will never come below . Only solar power is the guaranteed clean,affordable ,low prices alternative option.Only problem is it is not available at all time, Can we build a system that can be placed above the clouds and supply us the solar energy on the ground continuously? Any thoughts?

Solar Power Contractors

solar power contractors
Full SolarCraft Solar Prado Club, Marin County golf course is green Novato and Sonoma-based Premier SolarCraft announced the completion of an installation The Museo del Prado Electrical Solar Club in Fairfax, California. The maintenance of Marin County’s famous golf course are powered by clean, renewable energy. (Vocus / PRWEB) May 19, 2011 Novato Sonoma-based SolarCraft announced the completion of a solar power facility in the Meadow Club in Fairfax, California. The famous …
Solar Power Contractors In Colorado

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Information On Solar Power

information on solar power
Report: North Korea Kim was in eastern China during the visit to Beijing, the closest ally – North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, went to this train China on Sunday during a visit to the mystery of his country's key ally and source of aid, the news from South Korea, he said. Kim went to Yangzhou to the west of Shanghai, Yonhap news agency, quoting diplomatic sources. South Korean broadcaster YTN, said Kim would visit the sites linked to solar energy …
solar panel information

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where can I get free solar panels for my home?

Are there goverment grants for solar panels for residential? I live in New Jersey. USA. Or are there any experimental research companies that will install solar panels for free in return for their research purposes?
I just emailed the US Dept of Energy asking them the same question. Anyone know about the US Dept of Energy? What do they do?

Residential Solar Panels

residential solar panels
where you can learn about solar systems for the job?

Where is the best place to learn about solar panels and how that are installed in homes or COM.

This may respond in different ways, but as I knowq bad place to give a gift. Call the manufacturer and find out who training provider is offering. The courses cost a couple hundred dollars.

Solar Panels For Homes

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Solar Cell Power

solar cell power
The conversion of records and the promise of super-efficient solar increase the amount of energy reaching a solar cell that can be converted into usable electricity to the point where solar power becomes cost competitive with other energy sources appears to be always out of reach, but most crops as possible, maybe we will see the goal come true soon.
The Power of the Sun – The Science of the Silicon Solar Cell

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