Solar Companies

solar companies
how can the electric companies afford to put solar panels everywhere, but not on our houses?

it seems to me that we are just letting the power companies capitalize on a power source that really should be more accessable to us, the ones that have been paying for nuclear and other power sources that we can’t, by law, have installed on our property.

Keep in mind the issues of scale:

Solar panels on a commercial scale cost something on the order of $7.25/watt to install, of which roughly half of that is for the panel itself (retail). This includes inverter technology but not storage. This works out to about $7,250 per KW installed.

A nuclear plant in today’s dollars will run between $5,500 and $6,000 per KW installed.

A 5,000 watt solar system on your house will cost approximately $35,000 to install. Cheaper per watt than commercial as there is no supporting infrastructure to build.

The differences between actual costs and what is paid by the end-user are subsidies provided by state and local governments and utilities.

So, if you are in an unsubsidized area, you are perfectly free to install solar power on your property – if you can afford it.

Now, if full life-cycle costs are included (installation, maintenance, cost-of-operation, and final disposal when done) nuclear and solar are also very close in cost. The difference is that a 480MW nuclear plant may be fit on about 660 acres of ground including cooling towers, access roads, set-backs and so forth – and could be set on less than 100 acres if necessary (many are).

The same capacity solar plant (at 10 watts per square-foot, peak power) would cover 11,000 acres or so, *not* including infra-structure, access roads, set-backs and so forth.

Solar power is a feel-good solution that is pretty impractical on the face of it *UNLESS* there is no alternative solution. But, because it is being subsidized by various sources, is highly visible and has all sorts of warm-and-fuzzy but generally thoughtless advocates it is popular beyond its worth.

We are actually considering it _because_ of the subsidies. But at face-cost nohownoway.

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Solar Power Panels

solar power panels
Solar Panels-how much power should I expect to get on average from a panel?

What percentage of the rated power? Panels would go in the northeast. I mean just in general I know that panels are generally about 11-19% efficient but of the rated power what should I actually get on average given average conditions? If I had a 200W panel would I get 100W? 50W? 150W? Thx in advance.

Panels are rated at a standard test condition (STC). The rated output has nothing to do with efficiency. A more efficient panel is physically smaller than a less efficient panel, a 200W panel outputs 200W at the STC, regardless of its efficiency. You’ll generally pay more for a more efficient panel, so if space isn’t an issue, you may be better off getting a less efficient panel, you’ll get the same output, but it will take up more space.

make solar power panels

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what are the most profitable field when it comes to renewable energy is solar power?

the most profitable field when it comes to renewable energy is solar power. It seems as if the biggest “controversy” regarding solar power is the amount of space required for the solar panels to capture the solar energy which is converted to electricity.

Solar Power Battery

solar power battery
How to make a solar powered battery charger?

A home base DoItYourself for residential purpose.

The simplest way is to get a battery and a solar panel of a slightly higher voltage than the battery*. Good point Bob B; get a diode, too. Then put the solar panel in full sunlight and connect the positive ends and negative ends** and the battery should charge. The charging is done when the battery’s voltage is what it should be.

This method should not be dangerous with small batteries (AA, AAA, 9V), but don’t use it with a power outlet, and don’t use it to charge, for example, a car battery. Still I take no responsibility for any damage to people or property.

* Test the voltage of the solar panel under the amount of sunlight you plan to use it in.
** This is how I charged my cellphone battery for about 2 months before I got my cellphone fixed. (I didn’t use a solar battery; I connected the battery directly to the charger.)

Solar Power Does The Switch, Travelers Solar Battery

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Solar Inverters

solar inverters
Anyone with Solar Combiner which is fed by 4 single phase inverters and at the output,it gives us 3 phase load?

Combiner Schematic?

All solar combiners that I have seen combine DC, not AC.

To synthesize 3-phase power from single-phase sources, one in theory could combine 3 single-phase sources (not 4), but they would have to be synchronized so that each produces the same frequency and each is phased 120 electrical degrees apart from the others. It would be easier to combine one or more DC circuits (as many as you want) to drive a DC bus from which an inverter synthesizes three-phase power.

SUN 250 Grid Tie Inverter testing with Solar Panels

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