Can anyone recommend solar cells and solar panels for a physics experiment?

I am doing a physics experiment where I need to compare the efficiency of the two. Solar panel for radiation>heat water and solar cells for radiation>electrical energy.

Can anyone recommend me some cells and panels which have lots of information about their performance, efficiency etc?

Many thanks!

Can you connect amorphous and monocrystalline solar panels together in a parallel?

I have a large monocrystalline solar panel I just got today and I want to hook it in parallel with a couple amorphous solar kits. There is a total of seven amorphous panels and one monocrystalline panel. Would the monocrystalline panel burn the other panels up? Just want to be on the safe side, thanks!

Can you remove solar panels to another home?

So we will be moving to a home out in CA, the desert part where its usually 100* Degrees. So we definitly want to get solar panels to reduce energy costs considering we will have AC all day and heating in winter. But we only to plan to live there about 2- 3years. Can you move solar panels to another house?

How to connect solar panels to batteries?

I have two solar panels that were going to be trashed at work. I want to use them to charge batteries on my RV but i noticed they put out around 20 volts in direct sunlight. So i am wondering:
-isn’t this way too much voltage for a 12 volt system?
-do a need some sort of a regulator connected to keep them from overcharging?

Are solar panels more effective than using the heat energy of the sun to power a turbine?

Practically all you ever hear about is solar panels… are they really so much more effective then other methods, such as using energy from the sun to power a steam-powered turbine enclosed in a system with a vacuum so that the water evaporates at a much lower temperature to power a turbine?

Solar Hot Water

solar hot water
Is a solar hot water heater worth the upfront cost? What is the average time to pay it off?

Your cost return is going to depend on local sun conditions, local energy costs, initial system cost and cost of maintenance. I have generally heard that it may be as quick as 8 years or as much as 20 years or longer to pay itself off. Of course the higher energy costs rise the sooner the payback time would be.

The department of energy site listed below discusses the costs and payback terms. One thing they point out is that if the solar system heats provides less than 40% of the overall heating of your house then it’s probably not going to be cost effective.

Checkout the other site listed below for a comparison of life-cycle costs for different water heater options, including solar with electric backup heat. According to this site, indirect gas hot water heaters are the lowest cost option over a 13 year period and are less than half the cost of the solar with electric backup option.

Renewable Energy – Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

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Solar Powered Generator

solar powered generator
Are the sun’s rays more powerful at higher altitudes?And would a solar power Generator produce more power?

If you live in a high elevation, will the sun be more intense because of thinner air? And would a solar power generator produce more power because of this?

Yes, because at a high altitude, the sunlight would pass through a thinner atmosphere . This means that the atmosphere would scattered less energy away.

My Solar Backup Solar Power generator

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Converting to Solar Panels- If I wanted to convert my home to solar energy, what would the cost be?

Would I have to change the current wiring in my home, or just hook up to the solar panels? How much are solar panels? How do you determine what kind, size panels do get?
Would doing this really cost me less than using my local electric company, or is this mainly used for "Going Green"?

Solar Power Grid

solar power grid
solar powered grid tie inverter?

If I buy a grid tie inverter and solar panel that puts out 200watts and it costs me about 400$ how long would it take to pay for itself?

You forgot your electric rate. Assuming 10 cents/ KWh:

0.16$/Day produced
400$ purchase price
2500Days payoff

Electra Green solar power grid Alternative Energy electric motorcycle on

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