If I have solar panels for electricity, will I still have to be hooked up to the electric company?

In other words, is it possible to power all of my appliances and household equipment with electricity from solar panels? Or will I still have to do business with th electric company?

Where would I look to find grants for switching to solar power for a non-profit private college?

I am looking to see if there is grant money available to help fund switching over to solar power for a small college. The college is religiously affiliated and not for profit. Are there programs out there? If so, where would I look to get started?

How many solar panels do I need to run a pump?

I plan to buy solar panels of the following configuration:
Sun Force 39110 / 123 watt – 7 amps

To run through an inverter, to produce the 110v I need to run the pump during the day.
The pump is 110v / 7.5 amps / 0.5 HP

My question is, how many solar panels would I need to run the pump?

How many solar panels would I need to power my washer machine?

My washer is 120 volts 60 gz,9.6 amps. The solar panels I am looking at are:

Sharp ND-208U1 Solar Panels (208 Watt)

List Price ,479.99

Only ,049.99
Sharp Solar Panels (208 Watt)
List Price ,352.99
Only ,040.99

If I buy that will it be enough to run my washer?

How can we bring solar power energy to our streets?

I was having a debate with my friend about ways to make the environment better and to have a better energy reliance than oil. One idea that was floated was to have every street lamp based on solar power (with backup electrical grid power in case it rains or something) anyway, here was the debate which we need your answers to: Is it better to have a solar panel on each street light OR Is it better to keep the street lights as they are and just install solar panel hubs around the city that feeds into the electrical grid?

Solar Power Heat

solar power heat
The researchers intend to harvest solar energy from the sidewalk to melt snow, power poles from the heat radiating off the road has been one factor to explain why the city temperatures are often considerably warmer than about suburban or rural areas. Now a team of researchers is studying engineering methods of collecting solar energy to melt ice, electrical poles, signal lights, buildings, heat and used for many other purposes.
Is Solar Power Heating Up?

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Solar Powered Energy

solar powered energy
Practical device developed and reliable tool for measuring Solar blood pressure study notes: * A new automatic tracking solar pressure blood was as accurate as the default device that measures systolic blood pressure. * The device was favored by health professionals and patients when tested in Africa. * The new device eliminates the need for batteries, which are expensive and scarce in the context of the economy is down. A new power device As solar …

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