Laptop Solar Power

Wysips Solar Charging Touchscreen

Here is some amazing technology – film on your Smartphone or Laptop will capture and charge you device whenever in a lighted area. This is groundbreaking and works with touch screens as well..

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Solar Power Installers

solar power installers
What solar installers would you recommend for Southern California?

I’m wondering about the available solar power installers in So Cal. I’m curious to know whether or not there are some more that I haven’t heard of.

Thanks for your time.

Here is a link to a solar power professional search database. Just type in the ZIP code and the radius.

Los Angeles Solar Energy Panels Installers

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Solar Power History


6. Which form of power dominated during the industrial revolution?

A. Solar
B. Steam
C. Water
D. Nuclear

the answer is B. STEAM .. steam replaced water making it the power source

Short History of Solar Panels

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Why is it better to have solar panels face west rather than east?

Solar Panels should face west or south. Facing a solar panel south makes sense since we’re in the Northern Hemisphere. Why west though? Is it because the air in the west is warmer (having been warmed by more daylight) and therefore absorbs less sunlight, letting more energy get to the solar panel???

What are the drawbacks to using wind turbines or solar panels for providing all power to a home?

A. The wind and sun are not constant, so there would be times when no electricity would be generated.
B. The wind and sun are constant, so there would be plenty of electricity for the home.
C. Wind and solar power are inefficient and too expensive to use and maintain.
D. Wind and solar power are efficient, but they are not able to produce enough electricity for a single home.

Solar Power Inverter

Why won’t my 150 watt power inverter work with Harbor Freight solar panel control box?



Solar panel is too small; it will not put out enough DC voltage to power the DC to AC inverter. You need to connect the Solar panel to a battery then battery to inverter.

Solar Panel Inverter Comparison

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