Laptop Solar Power

Wysips Solar Charging Touchscreen

Here is some amazing technology – film on your Smartphone or Laptop will capture and charge you device whenever in a lighted area. This is groundbreaking and works with touch screens as well..

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What is the definition of solar energy

Like it or not, folks, our grip on the carbon fuels is coming to an end. Were used, exhausted, finished, gorged on, and devoured the lot. Not to mention that in the process, also scattered carbon emissions enough to blow a hole in the ozone layer and almost hasten our own destruction. But enough talk armagedon! We hope. We have sunshine! (A little more radioactive than it was 20 years, though)

So what the sun can do for us besides transforming our skin that horrible red lobster? Well, you can power your home. That’s pretty impressive, huh? I know you’ve heard of solar panels that cost an arm and a leg and you will not see a return on that investmenht for about 10 years. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can mount a solar panel for around $ 200.00. There is reference material here
that you can download that tells you how to do it. I’m just mentioning it here because I want people to know that it is not impossible or out of the budget to create your own home energy. Let’s explore a little more about how the solar panels …

Solar panels are made of silicon. Silicone can fit 8 outer shell electrons of atoms. When neutral, the Silicon has 4 electrons, which means it can fit in 4 more. By combining silicon with other elements, a charge is created. Sunlight produces partilces lot of energy. More importantly, includes a particle called a photon. When the photon hits the silicon wafer, which has been linked to an element such as phosphorus, an electron is kicked open. The process is repeated which creates electricity. Phew, science class!

Of course, it will take more than a solar panel to provide enough electricity to support the needs of an average home. You can calculate your needs based on the amount of kw home use every day. To find out, you’d have to go through your old utility bills and get an average. Also, you’d have to know how much sunlight, on average, you receives in a day based on where you live and the season. A little effort is involved, but it’s worth the long term.

You may still be wondering … “Why?” Here is the best answer I can give you. Do you really think your electricity bill goes down in the next few 1000 years? All I ever see with utility bills is that they are bigger every year. Solar energy is not going away. It is ultimately reliable. If the sun dies, then we die, too, to lose our investment in solar does not matter anyway. Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allows a deduction for owners of 30% of costs without a cap. Finally, it is clean energy. Simply does not harm the environment. You can feel good about it when you connect your PC or connect the kettle. So, folks, this is the time to make that move and get on the bus Solar.[affmage source=”cj” results=”10″]KEYWORDS[/affmage]

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Converting Water into Energy


Engines waste gasoline! Up to 80% of the high-priced gas that you pump doesn’t get you anywhere because it goes UNBURNED to the catalytic converter. That means you are getting 0 MPG (zero, zilch, nada) from most of the over-priced gasoline you pump into your tank.


That’s what they are designed to do–WASTE GAS–because every second of every day, everywhere in the world, every single gas and diesel engine on the planet puts money into the deep, deep, DEEP pockets of Big Oil.

Automotive and fuel technology has been deliberately held back, and people have been kept in the dark about AMAZING inventions and discoveries, in order to sell us lots of gasoline. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

For example, the gas could be preheated and better formulated for better combustion–but it’s not. The fuel vapor droplets could be smaller for efficient combustion–but they’re not. The pre-set computer-controlled air-to-fuel ratio could be more economical–but it’s not. The exhaust could be reprocessed to contribute to mileage (there are patents on that)–but it’s not. Cars could be using a better carburetor design–but they’re not because the patent for a 100 MPG carburetor was bought and buried years ago. Cars could be running completely on water fuel–but they’re not because those patents were also bought and then buried along with the inventor (however, the patents ran out recently!). Even the hybrids that Big Auto is selling at luxury car prices don’t optimize gasoline combustion and consumption.


You can do something about it, ONE CAR AT A TIME, starting with YOUR car.

How? By using ENERGY from WATER.

If that sounds impossible, or crazy, or delusional, I understand. This is something that none of our trusted sources of information–TV, radio, teachers, movies, professors, magazines, dad, scientists, books, Sesame Street–have told us about. Why? See the bad news, above.

I mentioned amazing inventions and discoveries. Many of them have very sophisticated technical patents on them. But the kind of water energy system I am talking about, the one that is affordable and do-able by ME and YOU in OUR cars (not by buying a Big Auto hybrid with a luxury car price tag), is a do-it-yourself technology, specifically designed for beginners with basic tools and very limited budgets. A working system can be built at home for $20 to $200 worth of parts and installed in your car, truck, or SUV on a weekend. It’s a 90-year-old technology that has been revived and developed into a simple, affordable, SAFE system based on low-cost hardware.

It works like this: The main component of the low-cost water energy system is an electrolyzer-a container of water with electrodes in it. The electrolyzer takes a tiny bit of electricity from your car. The electricity "splits" water into hydroxyl gas and feeds it immediately to the engine cylinders. The improved air/fuel mix gets very efficient combustion.


Remember the bad news at the top? Remember I said that wasted fuel can be as much as 80%? In other words, even though you have paid $3.50 or more per gallon, you are only getting performance from as little as 20%–two gallons out of every ten–of the gas you pay good money for! It puts a whole new complexion on the phrase "highway robbery."

water for fuel

Our heads are spinning from rising gas prices. Now imagine instead that ALL your gasoline is working for you–it’s actually turning your wheels and not just being turned into carbon deposits on your engine or exhaust from the catalytic converter. What would it be like for ALL that gasoline to be giving you mileage? It would be a WHOLE LOT MORE ECONOMICAL, that’s what! That’s what happens when you add the energy from water.


Wondering how much energy is in water?

One gallon of water converts to approximately 1,833 gallons of combustible gas. One observer noted that a gallon of water in his water energy system lasted for about 2,700 miles.

"Energy from water" is hard to believe because we are misled by the appearance of water when it’s liquied. It looks so, well, WET and noncombustible. But if we could SEE the sea of energy in the water–zillions of hydrogen and oxygen atoms ready to break out and be combustible gas under the right conditions–it would be easy to conceive that, indeed, water can be "burned" in an engine, thus taking advantage of a new "crude"–plain water.

Why aren’t scientists telling us about this? Why doesn’t it make big headlines? More bad news. Some of them just don’t know about it, and some are paid to tell us about anything BUT this. Also, scientists are sometimes far behind empirical evidence from experimenters and inventors. Sometimes a true scientist makes an amazing discovery and is suddenly way ahead of everyone. What happens then? He or she has to fight all the other scientists that are way behind or too vested in the old paradigm. So who are the true scientists around here? A TRUE scientist could be anyone, including a scientist.


Here is something to ponder from Patrick J. Kelly of He has a delightful way of tilting one’s mind out of its box:

"The Law of Conservation of Energy is undoubtedly correct when it shows that more energy cannot be taken out of any system than is put into that system. However, that does not mean that WE cannot get more energy out of a system than WE put into it. A crude example is a solar panel in sunlight. We get electrical power out of the panel but we do not put the sunlight into the panel-the sunlight arrives on its own. This example is simple as we can see the sunlight reaching the solar panel.

"If, instead of the solar panel, we had a device which absorbs some of the energy that Quantum Mechanics observes and then gives out, say, electrical power, would that be so different? Most people say "yes!–it is impossible!" but this reaction is based on the fact that we cannot see this sea of energy. Should we say that a TV set cannot possibly work because we cannot see a television transmission signal?"


We have been living and driving with danger for decades–it’s called GASOLINE! Cars and trucks are planet-polluting bombs on wheels! But we are accustomed to it, right? And for the most part, we don’t blow ourselves up.

But in the water energy system, I know, you think we’re talking about tanks of compressed hydrogen in the car, but that’s not how it is done! Here’s the beauty of it:

Hydrogen is already compressed in plain water!

All we do in a water for fuel system is UNCOMPRESS and USE it–immediately, on-demand, in the engine! No hydrogen bombs on board. Just a container of distilled water! And the exhaust is–WATER! You split water, you burn it, you get fantastic mileage, you get a little water left over.


You can’t get much greener than this unless you go for an engine designed to run completely on water, like the one that was designed and proven by Stanley Meyers when he drove across the United States on approximately 28 gallons of water. (You can see interviews with him on YouTube.) You can’t get much more affordable, either. And because this is GREEN technology, and you will not be causing any damage to the car or the engine (far from it), your warranty will most likely be intact AND the government will owe you money for going green!


You could pay someone to install your water for gas system. There are hundreds of people around the world who are constructing and installing water energy systems, as well as driving "watercars" themselves. These people save gas, save money, get much better mileage, and enjoy smoother-running engines and greatly reduced emissions. And that’s why they are happy to do the same for you so you can save gas, save money, get much better mileage, and enjoy a smoother-running engine and reduced emissions.

Or you could do it yourself, in which case you would first get instructions, which are available on line. Then you would make a parts list and buy the parts from hardware and electronics stores. Third, you would construct the components of the water energy system, put them all together, and install the system, making all the necessary adjustments to it. You would now be the proud owner of a Water Hybrid Vehicle. And last, after picking up your jaw from the floor, where it has dropped in astonishment at your engine’s mileage and performance, you would become an advocate of water energy, as I have.


To really grasp the implications and possibilities here, we must first clean the carbon deposits out of our minds. Using waterfuel is an approach to our cars and fuel that requires more participation from us. The whole water energy system consists of physical components PLUS your mind and attitudes about fuel consumption. To really optimize your waterfuel system, you will also be using fuel warmer, some Kiker wires to improve the spark, Xylene to add to your gasoline, a low-friction synthetic motor oil, a couple bottles of fuel treatment to clean carbon deposits from old unburned fuel out of your engine, a MAP sensor enhancer to keep the car computer from over-correcting the fuel mix back to over-rich, tires that are always fully inflated, and a real-time mileage tracker so that you won’t have to use an entire tank of gas to know what mileage you are getting.

Perhaps the most important thing is this:

Trust yourself.

When you use an "alternative" fuel-efficiency system, you are an experimenter who is going against the herd and chances are, you are going to get some flack. Don’t be fooled by self-appointed "experts" who don’t have hands-on experience and say it can’t be done. When they laugh or frown or condescend and say, "It’s scientifically impossible," well, first of all, you know they are not "true scientists" (so why are they acting like they know what "scientifically" means?). Ask them if they have ever tried it themselves. You will find they have not. Further discussion might be fruitless, but you can try. Tell them to just wait and see. See for yourself. Don’t wait ten years for big industry to do it because they don’t want to GIVE you anything–they are only thinking about what they can GET from you while they continue making empty promises.



How much will gas cost the next time you fill your tank?

A water energy system won’t lower the price of ALL gasoline.

It will lower the price of YOURS. But don’t just take my word for it.

Leslie Lackman is an advocate of the application of free, unlimited energies–mind, water, life force–to cars, health, wellness, and performance.

run car on water

Water Powered Car

People everywhere are perking their ears up and opening their eyes wide at the possibility of using water to run their cars instead of expensive fuels It’s not complex at all to run a car on water.

Run Your Car On Water

Run Your Car On Water-Save Gas-Save The Earth.

Water For Gas

And with Gas Saving products like Run Your Car on Water Review providing alternatives to normal gas, it is worth a look at what others have to say about it!

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U.S. Could be Fossil Fuel Free in 10 Years

Gore Says U.S. Could be Fossil Fuel-Free in 10 Years

During a speech given this week in Washingon, Al Gore said that America must end its dependence on fossil fuel, and soon….or else.

By Anastacia Mott Austin

“I don’t remember a time in our country when so many things seemed to be going so wrong simultaneously,” said Al Gore in a speech this week in Washington, in which he urged political leaders to lead the way in eliminating America’s dependence on carbon-based fuels.

Comparing the goal to completely get rid of the country’s dependence on fossil fuels to President John F. Kennedy’s vow to get America to the moon, Gore said he believes it is possible to accomplish a carbon-free country within 10 years.

He proposes to do this by changing our focus to alternative sources of fuel, such as wind or solar power. During the speech, Gore claimed that the wind that blows across the prairies of the Midwest United States every day could provide enough power to fuel the country’s energy needs, and that enough solar power hits the surface of the earth in 40 minutes to power the entire world for a year.

Sounds good, but can we accomplish this? Gore seems to think so. We just need to change our way of thinking about energy. “This goal is achievable, affordable and transformative. It represents a challenge to all Americans, in every walk of life, to our political leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, and to every citizen.”

He points the finger at politicians. “We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the planet,” said Gore, criticizing defenders of the status quo. “Every bit of that’s got to change.”

Citizens who may have ignored Gore even a few months ago are starting to sit up and take notice, as the effects of soaring fuel prices and food costs, combined with increasing unemployment and the crash of the housing market are making themselves felt in many households.

Gore said that focusing on non-carbon sources of fuel like solar and wind power would return energy costs to the equivalent of $1.00 per gallon of gas.

Senator Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, had words of praise for Gore and his speech. “For decades, Al Gore has challenged the skeptics in Washington on climate change and awakened the conscience of a nation to the urgency of this threat,” said Obama.

Gore cited the recent report on fuel and food costs sparking a worldwide crisis, which would imperil national security and create international wars over food and water.

Gore said that his idea for non-carbon energy concerned not just the issue of global warming, but of the future of our nation as an economic and policy leader, something which has been seen as increasingly shaky. Changing our national focus on energy to sun and wind power is imperative, he said.

Indeed, he used no less than dramatic terms to describe his view. “The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk. The future of human civilization is at stake.”

By Buzzle Staff and Agencie

Global Warming

Gore told us that more CO2 in the atmosphere meant higher temperatures. That was the huge technical error in his movie. More recent Antarctic studies, on more refined time scales, have shown that instead of causing warming, the CO2 levels … We must face the fact that the earth is now cooling, and any drastic actions to reduce fossil fuel emissions are premature. 

Free us from our addiction to oil

What Al Gore is doing is tremendously important and not juist for his country, even tho it is the biggest oil addict in the world. the whole world needs to get off its oil addiction and also fossil fuel profligacy.

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