What is the definition of solar energy

Like it or not, folks, our grip on the carbon fuels is coming to an end. Were used, exhausted, finished, gorged on, and devoured the lot. Not to mention that in the process, also scattered carbon emissions enough to blow a hole in the ozone layer and almost hasten our own destruction. But enough talk armagedon! We hope. We have sunshine! (A little more radioactive than it was 20 years, though)

So what the sun can do for us besides transforming our skin that horrible red lobster? Well, you can power your home. That’s pretty impressive, huh? I know you’ve heard of solar panels that cost an arm and a leg and you will not see a return on that investmenht for about 10 years. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can mount a solar panel for around $ 200.00. There is reference material here
that you can download that tells you how to do it. I’m just mentioning it here because I want people to know that it is not impossible or out of the budget to create your own home energy. Let’s explore a little more about how the solar panels …

Solar panels are made of silicon. Silicone can fit 8 outer shell electrons of atoms. When neutral, the Silicon has 4 electrons, which means it can fit in 4 more. By combining silicon with other elements, a charge is created. Sunlight produces partilces lot of energy. More importantly, includes a particle called a photon. When the photon hits the silicon wafer, which has been linked to an element such as phosphorus, an electron is kicked open. The process is repeated which creates electricity. Phew, science class!

Of course, it will take more than a solar panel to provide enough electricity to support the needs of an average home. You can calculate your needs based on the amount of kw home use every day. To find out, you’d have to go through your old utility bills and get an average. Also, you’d have to know how much sunlight, on average, you receives in a day based on where you live and the season. A little effort is involved, but it’s worth the long term.

You may still be wondering … “Why?” Here is the best answer I can give you. Do you really think your electricity bill goes down in the next few 1000 years? All I ever see with utility bills is that they are bigger every year. Solar energy is not going away. It is ultimately reliable. If the sun dies, then we die, too, to lose our investment in solar does not matter anyway. Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allows a deduction for owners of 30% of costs without a cap. Finally, it is clean energy. Simply does not harm the environment. You can feel good about it when you connect your PC or connect the kettle. So, folks, this is the time to make that move and get on the bus Solar.[affmage source=”cj” results=”10″]KEYWORDS[/affmage]

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