Solar Energy Power

Solar Power For Houses
Solar Energy Power

Solar Power can be used for many different purposes. There are many small self sustaining projects that can be developed using a few solar panels, a charge controller, and and battery pack.

The video depicted here shows how you can use solar power to keep animals watered on a farm setting – even in the winter.

Learn how to use solar power for simple tasks.

Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar power

Commercial Solar Panel Incentives NJ | New Jersey Solar Power

Check out all of the incentives you can get in the state of New Jersey to add solar power.

Converting to solar can be a financial boom for a company when you factor in the incentives.  New Jersey is one of the states that promote solar enrgy through incentives.

What are the advantages and disadvantagesof using solar power?

Mainly what are the plus/minuses of SOLAR THERMAL DISHES but any information you have on SOLAR POWER would be a great help!

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I kinda mean using solar power for companies like as a alternative to using coal, not just for your own use at home by setting up your own private solar powered devices!


Solar Panel Installation

Photovoltaic solar panel installation (in HD)

Here is a good instruction video on installing solar panels. These a photovoltaic solar panels.

Here is how solar panels are installed on your home.


Solar Photovoltaic Cells

When light shines on a photovoltaic (PV) cell, there are three things that can occur – 1) it an be reflected, 2) it can be absorbed, and 3) it can pass through it. The PV cell is capable of converting light into electricity by the very nature of this semiconductor material. This material has properties of metals and insulators.
When a semiconductor absorbs light, photons of light can transfer their energy to electrons. The electrons in turn flow through the material as electrical current. This current flows out of the semiconductor to metal contacts and then makes its way out to power your home or send it beyond to the electric grid.

This video show how photovoltaic solar cells work to convert sunlight into useable energy.

Here is how solar panels works.

Solar Power Installers

solar power installers
What solar installers would you recommend for Southern California?

I’m wondering about the available solar power installers in So Cal. I’m curious to know whether or not there are some more that I haven’t heard of.

Thanks for your time.

Here is a link to a solar power professional search database. Just type in the ZIP code and the radius.

Los Angeles Solar Energy Panels Installers

Solar Power History


6. Which form of power dominated during the industrial revolution?

A. Solar
B. Steam
C. Water
D. Nuclear

the answer is B. STEAM .. steam replaced water making it the power source

Short History of Solar Panels