Solar Power Generators

solar power generators
hello,can anyone recommend a DURABLE-and portable-solar power generator for me?

thank you all

The solar products that Real Goods (one of the premiere distributors of consumer and commercial solar components and systems) sells are all rigorously tested for durability and performance. I suggest you look at their offerings and see if they have one that suits your needs.

Solman Portable Mobile Solar Power Generators

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Who thinks that we should power traffic lights with solar panels?

The solar panel wouldn’t need to be very large, and for the most part could be on the back or top of the street light. At night, they could be powered the same way they are now or by batteries that the solar panels could be charging throughout the day. Please explain to me if you think this is good or bad.

What does MW in Measruing Solar Power Mean?

Hi, Well I have a family of four and month after month we notice that the power bill amount keeps getting higher but we are still using the same amount of power. So my question is: I was wondering if anyone knows a good solar-system company in Miami that sells solar-systems that I can use to power my aircondioting and house. But the most important thing is that I want it to power my airconditioning because I noticed that my airco’s use alot of power.
And also it would help if the company exports the solar-system if you buy it.

How Does Solar Power Work

how does solar power work
USF St. Petersburg developing solar battery to store power for homes
By Ivan Penn, Times Staff Writer Friday, June 24, 2011 Imagine no fuel bill at all for your car — no gas, no added cost to your electric bill. Or how about having the ability to keep your refrigerator running through the night after the power goes out, without using a gas generator. Sounds like a dream. But it’s more real than you might think. A solar battery under development at the University …
How does solar energy work

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Solar Battery

solar battery
Does a 40 watt Solar Battery Charger come with battery protection to prevent overcharging of batteries?

Does a Tektrum 40 watt Solar Panel/Blocking Diode Cable/2m long Cable and Clamps Battery Charger Kit, Is this solar panel fitted with a battery protection circuit to prevent overcharging of batteries?
Or is it recommended to have a Solar Power Charge Controller. if so which one is best to use?

That’s a very good question and I don’t know about those specific products. I get most of my stuff from the site below because they really know their stuff.

($13) Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Phone Camera PDA MP3 MP4 Red-E00985

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Should I remove solar panels or get a solar hot water heater?

I just found out that my homeowners insurance company wants to charge me 0 more per year because I have some old solar panels on my roof. They were put on by the previous owners a long time ago I think. They are for a solar water heater but they aren’t connected to anything because I just have a regular water heater in my garage. They are ugly as hell and I would just as soon take them down as I’d rather have a tankless system eventually anyways. My insurance is already 50 per year for a 140K house (Florida) so its high enough as it is. It seems stupid to pay 0 a year for something I’m not even using. Who can I call to take them down or can I do it myself or are solar water heaters cheap enough now that I should consider one?

What are advantages of solar power harvesting over wind?

What are the advantages of solar power harvesting over wind?

Im putting together a project, mostly on a future perspective from an investment point of view, but I would welcome any information or ideas you have about solar technologies benefits vs Wind harvesting technologies