Green Energy in Solar Power

Power from the sun is a green power source. This is simply because it can be replenished and it does not cause any environmental problems.. This source of power is achieved by transforming sunshine into electricity through the of use of solar cells. Other green sources of energy include wind power, hydroelectric power, biogas and thermal power.

There are three basic methods for using this form of green energy source namely passive, active and by using photovoltaic cells.

When we refer to passive solar energy, nothing is transformed into a different form. What happens is this case is the building’s design which helps to avoid heat loss and gets the most out of the warmth of the sun during the day.This can be most helpful in colder climates where heat is a necessary requirement for comfortable living spaces. In warmer climates, this design will help reduce the heat from the sun and therefore keep the building cooler than would normally be possible.   .
green energy
This type of methodology can also be used in homes because studies have shown that this can lower the heating requirements by as much as 80% with minimal cost. This would mean that people do not have to turn on the air conditioner or furnace that often.  Now if everyone does that, then we don’t use up that much electrical power which unfortunately we obtain through non-renewable sources.

The next technique which is active sun power is actually the first method of changing the sun’s rays into heat. People ought to realize that there tend to be some specific limitations to this particular one and just about all it could very well accomplish would be to ensure that you have hot water.

The 3rd tactic is the large scale edition and this can easily power an office or even an entire residence. This is accomplished with the aid of solar cells that transform the sun’s rays into electrical power. The tiniest kinds in existence can be found in hand calculators and wrist watches with big ones planted over huge plots of land.

The only restriction to this particular eco-friendly power source is the point that it is only able to create electrical power whenever the weather conditions are good and the sun is shining. Should it start raining, then almost nothing is collected and transformed. When this occurs, the auxiliary system is used until the weather becomes more favorable.

However, disregarding this fact, scientists and  even students themselves have designed photo voltaic driven vehicles. The National Aeronautical Space Administration has dispatched satellites into outer space which are powered by solar cells. A completely functional airport can easily operate on its own using solar power even if it is located in the midst of the frozen tundra.

Therefore people today can see the magnificent capability of solar energy, did you happen to know that a kilowatt of solar energy can produce 5.5 hours of electricity daily.The more cells that you have doing the job, the more power and the longer the electrical energy will last.

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