Installing Solar Power

installing solar power
Anyone know who sells and installs solar energy here in the Philippines?

the amount of energy needed to run an air conditioner?

If you want to know how much power your AC uses then watch your specifications. Power is indicated there. Usually a number followed of 1 kW or 1000W as W (k = 1000 if not known). If you calculate your own, you better go to this page Meralco where you can calculate the cost of energy consumption: Now, the question of who sell and install solar panels in Brazil, the answer is no. Why? First, the solar panels are expensive. A m 2 by 2 meters the cost of solar panel P40000 P20000. When a company decides to have solar panels installed on their premises, which often hire foreign companies to do so. If you really I insist on knowing where you can find these animals, Meralco can contact personally. I think your company promotes the rational use of energy and put a lot money for alternative energy research. Or you can go to University of the Philippines Diliman Solar Laboratory. UP Solar Lab has been active in helping rural areas provinces that previously had no access to electricity through solar panels to their seats.

How to Install Solar Panels : Battery Banks for Solar Energy

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