Solar Energy What Does It Mean?

ho Uses Solar Energy? A Look At The New Faces Behind Solar Energy Usage

Solar power has received a warm reception since the turn of the century, becoming one of the most popular ways to help save the planet by finding alternatives to the use of precious, limited natural resources, as well as to cut conventional energy costs.

cost of solar to power all of us

Most of us are familiar with the dark blue and silver solar panels found in industrial or civic applications, such as atop radio towers or highway call boxes, or those used to power a local university research laboratory or rural telemetry device.

While industrial applications continue to comprise a large percentage of modern solar panel use, there are a variety of applications that have emerged within the pubic sector and are gaining momentum for their convenience, cost saving efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Many private home owners are adopting solar power, which is attractive for its ability to significantly reduce monthly energy bills in a time of rapidly rising rates, and for its statement about the owners’ commitment to a greener earth. For modern homeowners, a set of solar panels and accompanying components can perform a variety of functions, from powering a specific item such as a pool heater or mechanical well to serving as a substitute for conventional electric power.

This latter application is enjoying a widespread popularity these days, allowing homeowners to kiss costly energy bills goodbye and in some cases even add their own generated power to the city’s grid, resulting in profit.

Many recreational vehicle owners find that installing solar panels not only saves on energy costs but helps to ensure uninterrupted service.

Following this trend, many mobile devices such as cell phones have spawned solar accessories like solar powered battery chargers to help consumers take advantage of natural, abundant sunlight to make their lives easier and more affordable.

On a larger scale, modern real estate developers are turning to solar panels to help attract conscientious renters; "green" buildings are becoming a popular incentive for many urbanites who wish to reap the benefits of modern city living while working and playing day to day without pollution, waste, and expensive electric bills.

While there are a vast number of applications for solar panels and accessories, you can determine whether solar energy is right for your project by considering your daily load requirements and spending a little time to get familiar with solar energy system components. Chances are, if your application sees sunlight, it can function efficiently, cleanly, and cheaply with the use of solar power.

By: Andy Bauer

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Andy Bauer is a tech writer for West Florida Components, a retailer of electronic components, solar panels, and supplies.

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