Solar Power For The Home

solar power for the home
Has anyone seen the TV ad for the solar house, which proclaims "can be free" and has 42 on its website

I am interested in learn more about solar energy, housing units for home, and saw an ad for free solar energy panels. The announcement said that he could be free through reimbursements from the government, I am looking for the website address that goes along with this announcement. And to know if it's too good to be true ..

Is there a program in San Francisco to provide free solar energy for some households, but is in a very limited basis. Obviously, the demand far oversubscribed. I believe that Berkeley and other cities can offer loans for someone to buy a solar system. The loan payments may be less than the savings in electricity bills, so in that sense, you could go for a little sun for "free." Some U.S. cities be additional savings to the tune of $ 5 per watt, so if you are lucky to live in one of these areas, the panels may in fact be free. But for the U.S. typically are not.

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