Why is it better to have solar panels face west rather than east?

Solar Panels should face west or south. Facing a solar panel south makes sense since we’re in the Northern Hemisphere. Why west though? Is it because the air in the west is warmer (having been warmed by more daylight) and therefore absorbs less sunlight, letting more energy get to the solar panel???

Can anyone recommend solar cells and solar panels for a physics experiment?

I am doing a physics experiment where I need to compare the efficiency of the two. Solar panel for radiation>heat water and solar cells for radiation>electrical energy.

Can anyone recommend me some cells and panels which have lots of information about their performance, efficiency etc?

Many thanks!

Can you connect amorphous and monocrystalline solar panels together in a parallel?

I have a large monocrystalline solar panel I just got today and I want to hook it in parallel with a couple amorphous solar kits. There is a total of seven amorphous panels and one monocrystalline panel. Would the monocrystalline panel burn the other panels up? Just want to be on the safe side, thanks!

If there are solar energy panels, is there anything to save water?

I know there are solar energy panels and wind turbines but is there anything for water? Also, how much money would you save a year if you installed a solar panel and wind turbine? No rude comments.

Who thinks that we should power traffic lights with solar panels?

The solar panel wouldn’t need to be very large, and for the most part could be on the back or top of the street light. At night, they could be powered the same way they are now or by batteries that the solar panels could be charging throughout the day. Please explain to me if you think this is good or bad.

Can you solder solar panels together to get more power?

I have getting solar panels from these solar lights at Walmart. Well some of them are broken, but the solar panels are still in good shape. So I wanting to put the together to maked a large solar panel big en ought to power a laptop
If you can how do you solder them together? Do you link them together just like a double A’s?

Where can I buy a portable solar panels for my home in the Philippines?

With the power crisis looming in, I think it’s better to have a solar panel than buy a portable generator which eats up petrol. Philippines must have the costliest fuel per liter in Asia. Problem is, solar panels can’t be bought as easily as generators.