How to connect solar panels to batteries?

I have two solar panels that were going to be trashed at work. I want to use them to charge batteries on my RV but i noticed they put out around 20 volts in direct sunlight. So i am wondering:
-isn’t this way too much voltage for a 12 volt system?
-do a need some sort of a regulator connected to keep them from overcharging?

How To Convert DC Power To Solar Power?

I have a sensor outside that we use 6 AA batteries to run (9 volts total). anyone know how I can convert it to solar power, and charge a battery to keep it going 24-7. I know little about electronics, but not when it comes to solar, and trying to charge, and use power at same time.
THIS UNIT NEEDS TO SAY ON 24/7 !!!!!!!!!! (even at night)

How many solar panels would I need to power my washer machine?

My washer is 120 volts 60 gz,9.6 amps. The solar panels I am looking at are:

Sharp ND-208U1 Solar Panels (208 Watt)

List Price ,479.99

Only ,049.99
Sharp Solar Panels (208 Watt)
List Price ,352.99
Only ,040.99

If I buy that will it be enough to run my washer?