Advantages Of Solar Power

advantages of solar power

80 Watt Solar Panel – Why go DIY?

1 – solar panel price – Investment

As the market renewable energy is very little competition as a result, prices of solar panels for solar energy companies are very high, up to 80 watt solar panels can cost from $ 4,000 – $ 6,000, including installation, it would take 20 years to save the same amount of electricity for a single panel.

Without But to build one would cost about $ 120 – $ 180, this is about how costs 80 watt solar panel built into parts.

Also, if efficiently placed on the roof of a system of solar energy will increase the value of the house for $ 2,000 – $ 2,400 for each panel, each $ 1 saved on bills public services for the home value increases $ 20, a definitive justification for investment.

2 – solar panel output – savings

Have a residential area infinitely Solar Power saves money on electricity, obviously, most built more photovoltaic panels will save, simple. For example, one panel $ 120 80-watt solar save an average of about 8% of the average electric bill U.S. (Which, on average, $ 120 would be saved each year.)

Moreover, five years would save $ 600 each. Several solar panels may be executed in sequence to 1 kW, which means a maximum of 12 cells, solar energy systems can be used in order to additional electricity in one circuit.

3 – Construction solar panel – DIY Preparation

Build a solar cell panel may seem a very tedious and complicated task at first, but it is a simple piece of technology, easily, the parts can be found at any local hardware store.

All you need do is follow a diet high solar grade and the first construction of the model should not take more than four hours (three hours with a friend), including installation.

4 – The Best 80 Watt Solar Panel Blueprints

Next, follow this high quality blueprint to build your own source of Renewable Energy for your home.

Most Blueprints give written tutorials on how to build a 60 Watt PV Panel. Here you can learn how to build an 80 Watt Solar Panel at Green Energy Blueprints with Expert Instructions and HD Video Tutorials.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck on your Build!

Advantages of Solar Power – Why Not Use it in Your Home?

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