Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar power

Commercial Solar Panel Incentives NJ | New Jersey Solar Power

Check out all of the incentives you can get in the state of New Jersey to add solar power.

Converting to solar can be a financial boom for a company when you factor in the incentives.  New Jersey is one of the states that promote solar enrgy through incentives.

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Laptop Solar Power

Wysips Solar Charging Touchscreen

Here is some amazing technology – film on your Smartphone or Laptop will capture and charge you device whenever in a lighted area. This is groundbreaking and works with touch screens as well..

New technology in the making for lap tops and people on the move.

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Solar Power Installers

solar power installers
What solar installers would you recommend for Southern California?

I’m wondering about the available solar power installers in So Cal. I’m curious to know whether or not there are some more that I haven’t heard of.

Thanks for your time.

Here is a link to a solar power professional search database. Just type in the ZIP code and the radius.

Los Angeles Solar Energy Panels Installers

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Solar Power History


6. Which form of power dominated during the industrial revolution?

A. Solar
B. Steam
C. Water
D. Nuclear

the answer is B. STEAM .. steam replaced water making it the power source

Short History of Solar Panels

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Solar Power Inverter

Why won’t my 150 watt power inverter work with Harbor Freight solar panel control box?



Solar panel is too small; it will not put out enough DC voltage to power the DC to AC inverter. You need to connect the Solar panel to a battery then battery to inverter.

Solar Panel Inverter Comparison

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Solar Hot Water

solar hot water
Is a solar hot water heater worth the upfront cost? What is the average time to pay it off?

Your cost return is going to depend on local sun conditions, local energy costs, initial system cost and cost of maintenance. I have generally heard that it may be as quick as 8 years or as much as 20 years or longer to pay itself off. Of course the higher energy costs rise the sooner the payback time would be.

The department of energy site listed below discusses the costs and payback terms. One thing they point out is that if the solar system heats provides less than 40% of the overall heating of your house then it’s probably not going to be cost effective.

Checkout the other site listed below for a comparison of life-cycle costs for different water heater options, including solar with electric backup heat. According to this site, indirect gas hot water heaters are the lowest cost option over a 13 year period and are less than half the cost of the solar with electric backup option.

Renewable Energy – Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

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Solar Powered Generator

solar powered generator
Are the sun’s rays more powerful at higher altitudes?And would a solar power Generator produce more power?

If you live in a high elevation, will the sun be more intense because of thinner air? And would a solar power generator produce more power because of this?

Yes, because at a high altitude, the sunlight would pass through a thinner atmosphere . This means that the atmosphere would scattered less energy away.

My Solar Backup Solar Power generator

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Solar Power Grid

solar power grid
solar powered grid tie inverter?

If I buy a grid tie inverter and solar panel that puts out 200watts and it costs me about 400$ how long would it take to pay for itself?

You forgot your electric rate. Assuming 10 cents/ KWh:

0.16$/Day produced
400$ purchase price
2500Days payoff

Electra Green solar power grid Alternative Energy electric motorcycle on

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Photovoltaic Solar Panels

photovoltaic solar panels
Are solar photovoltaic panels expensive to purchase & install? Can I self install or is this a pro job?

It is expensive if you just look at the price and say Wow! that is a lot of money. But when you compare it to renting electricity for the next 30 years and total the cost.. Well you end up making money.

You should find the package system you want which comes with instructions on how to install. Install the parts of the system you can and hire an electrician to run the wires and make the connections. You could save a great deal of money doing it that way.

Mounting the solar modules on the roof is by far the hardest part of the whole install. The inverter and charge controllers all have a Pos and a Neg markings and so does the solar modules making the wireing hookups easy. However to hook up to the utility you have to have a building inspector sign the paper showing he has inspected it. Catch 22 is you have to have an electrician sign the permit or the building inspector will not approve the system. If you install it wrong your home could be flaged as unsafe and you could end up being put out of your home till the wireing is brought up to code.

The easy way and the best way, Is to let the Solar electric dealer take care of it for you. The dealer is the one who has been trained and knows the electric building codes for solar electric your area.

Solar energy / Solar photovoltaics / Photovoltaic effect (3D animation)

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Solar Power Heating

solar power heating
Is a heat lamp considered as solar power?

I’m using a heat lamp for my project on solar energy. Is it considered as solar power?

Solar power uses only heat from the sun. If the heat lamp needs to be in the sun, or has a solar panel battery pack which you put in the sun, then it is solar powered. However if, like most heat lamps, you just plug it into a electric socket, then it’s running on mains electricity not solar energy.

Think you need to do a bit more thinking on this one.

Solar panels. Solartwin pool solar heating case study

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