Commercial Solar Power

commercial solar power

Commercial Solar Panel Incentives NJ | New Jersey Solar Power

Converting to solar can be a financial boom for a company when you factor in the incentives.  New Jersey is one of the states that promote solar enrgy through incentives.

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Solar Power Installers

solar power installers
What solar installers would you recommend for Southern California?

I’m wondering about the available solar power installers in So Cal. I’m curious to know whether or not there are some more that I haven’t heard of.

Thanks for your time.

Here is a link to a solar power professional search database. Just type in the ZIP code and the radius.

Los Angeles Solar Energy Panels Installers

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Solar Power History


6. Which form of power dominated during the industrial revolution?

A. Solar
B. Steam
C. Water
D. Nuclear

the answer is B. STEAM .. steam replaced water making it the power source

Short History of Solar Panels

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Solar Power Grid

solar power grid
solar powered grid tie inverter?

If I buy a grid tie inverter and solar panel that puts out 200watts and it costs me about 400$ how long would it take to pay for itself?

You forgot your electric rate. Assuming 10 cents/ KWh:

0.16$/Day produced
400$ purchase price
2500Days payoff

Electra Green solar power grid Alternative Energy electric motorcycle on

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Solar Energy System

solar energy system
Do you think all new buildings should use solar energy as much as they can?

Solar hot water systems are good, where I used to live if the water got cold we had a switch allowing to use electricity. I think all houses should have some sort of solar system and that energy gathered and not used during the day should be fed back into the national grid with the house being credited with that power. I think this happens in Queensland?

Yes I think that’s an excellent idea

How to Install Solar Panels : Tools for Installing Solar Energy System

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Solar Electric Power

solar electric power
You can connect a light bulb for a solar panel?

I have an outdoor light that I want to transform solar energy.

while the panel makes the needs of current and voltage of the lamp itself. if not, you need a converter or inverter. the hook and most people, the panel to a battery and light bulb to the battery. that balances the bright sunny days and cloudy days, and a lamp that only works when the sun is out, no is very good.

Deng Ltd, Ghana, Solar electricity for rural communities – Ashden Award winner

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Information On Solar Power

information on solar power
Report: North Korea Kim was in eastern China during the visit to Beijing, the closest ally – North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, went to this train China on Sunday during a visit to the mystery of his country's key ally and source of aid, the news from South Korea, he said. Kim went to Yangzhou to the west of Shanghai, Yonhap news agency, quoting diplomatic sources. South Korean broadcaster YTN, said Kim would visit the sites linked to solar energy …
solar panel information

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Solar Energy

solar energy
What is the current state of solar energy use here in the Philippines? ?

Hello! Can anyone tell me what are the current status of solar energy research and development initiatives in Brazil? Or any relationship with solar energy? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have no idea. But you should be able to investigate this fairly easily. Start with Google. If this is not enough, try the library (I guess there are some Philippines). See what government offices were able to see more of this area in the country.

Solar Energy

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Solar Renewable Energy

solar renewable energy
Why is solar energy a renewable resource and also some advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy?

Please tell me some advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy. Also need to know because it is a renewable resource. Can you also tell me how solar energy is and how long it will last. Thanks. [Tell me some websites you visit on this information]

First, everything is a guess, but the sun will continue to shine for another 2-4 million years. Therefore, for all practical purposes, their eternal. Solar energy depends on sunlight, the disadvantage is overcast, cloudy and rainy day in the snow, etc. No sun, no real energy. Another difficulty is the conversion of solar energy, solar panels generate direct current (DC) and this has to be converted to alternating current running applications, etc at home. To store solar energy, batteries are required, then the current energy Solar panels can recharge the batteries, then the DC must be converted into alternating current. Solar panels are not cheap, but the price is dropping. Also not last forever and can be damaged by hail, etc. The good news is that solar energy is clean, no pollution, except for panel fabrication and for the moment, the sun is still free.

Off Grid Renewable Energy Solar Wind Setup Part1

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Solar Power Homes

solar power homes
How much does it cost to add solar power to add value to your home?

4.2 K system providing 70 to 85% of the annual average power

Not enough to justify the cost of installation, unless you can get some really fat subsidies. Solar system costs about $ 10 per watt of installed capacity, and a system can generate more than 2 kWh per installed watt of electricity annually, worth somewhere around 25 cents. I have a friend installed one, the list price was $ 13,000, but subsidies to reduce the net cost to $ 5.000. The system generates about $ 300 of electricity per year.

Green Wheels: Solar Power

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