Concentrated Solar Power

concentrated solar power
Do most knowledgeable people who support Renewable Energy think Corn Ethanol is a hoax?

Ethanol can best be made by weeds like switch grass. Corn ethanol is too expensive, and would drive up the cost of food, etc. People who support renewable energy like Solar PV, Concentrated Solar Power, Wind, Hydro, Tidal do not generally support corn ethanol. Corn ethanol is a hoax that is really just a way to make renewable energy seem like a losing proposition. Swicthgrass, a weeks would be a better option, there is a lot of research with algae, the coln ethanol is a scam as is clean coal. These are ways politicians act they they support renewable energy but are in fact tanking the best options to protect the petroleum industry and keep viable renewable energy options from taking hold.

It sounded like a good idea on two levels. They thought it would be good for farmers and a quick way to meet the 15% reduction in fossil fuel use which was an obligation to the UN. What it has led to is higher prices for corn and corn fed products and a food shortage in some parts of the world. At the same time, they learned that corn ethanol is more expensive to make, burns dirtier than fossil fuels, and gets less mileage. Yes I’m sure the people who started this are convinced it was a very bad idea. Algae is an even worse idea. Where do you get enough algae to make it worth while? Industrial hemp might be a better choice but that’s illegal even though until 1937 it was a mainstay in US agriculture. Industrial hemp has many uses and is easy to grow.

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