Install Solar Power

install solar power
solar energy?

I want to install solar panels for my house to reduce energy consumption. What is the best way to start: What is the approximate cost to install a single family. We appreciate your understanding.

Hi Miky. It's a bit difficult to answer this question always is calls. If you want to simply reduce the amount of electricity you use, the answer is just that, use less. If, however, the demand for cheaper electricity, the sad truth is that it can make your own for less ….. however. Who will buy their electricity from now, we can produce much less than they can (economies scale). That said, if his desire to "go solar" for any of the many other good reasons to do this, go to " These people will tell all you need to know, and do so with surprising honesty. I use the $ 4.00 booklet style books (see'em that when you get there) for all reference material time. His knowledge is truly incomparable. However, in that "reduce" part of your question … CFLs in place everyone can (and have properly when burned). Buy appliances that meet ENERGY STAR qualified. Insulation package around the world can. Caulking and sealing of all other cracks and crevices around doors, windows and foundations. On hot days, curtains and blinds closed on the sunny side of the building. On cold days, turn off the thermostat and wear heavier clothing. Close vents and doors in any room of fans of unemployed … when you can use instead of running the AC of evergreens … deciduous north side of the house plan … South … install a "land tube" … increase the amount of thermal mass inside the building … humidify in winter … has a couple of good books on energy efficiency …… The list goes on and on …. and once you start actually becomes fun. Your bank account can begin to smile too .. Have fun.

How to Install Solar Panels : Standard Inverters for Solar Energy

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