Solar Generators

solar generators
Which is better generator or solar panels for camping? We just bought a caravan which is better?

We are looking to get a panel solar camping what does? How much do they cost? They are difficult to transport? The generators are easier?

The solar panel charging a pair will be fine if you're really camping. Even with an overcast day or two. If all you are running the lights at night maybe a radio that will be fine. If you is actually driving a motor home, so you have to connect to AC completed. Always intrigued me why people dress up, go to a beautiful natural environment, and turn a noise generator stinks its power 25 "TV, microwave, vacuum cleaner. This is not camping. solar panels today is the last year (10-20), neat. Easy maintenance charger to keep the batteries from the top can sit on the dashboard. You will need to determine the amount you are connecting with the size of your system. But you can get for $ 60 or less.

Solar generator (portable)

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