Solar Power Installation

solar power installation
What is the most efficient way of powering your home? Do you use solar power, wind turbine, coal?

fire, gas, electric, wood fire, ice blocks and a fan? What works for you, how green is it and why it works for you? Anyone have any additional costs associated with installing or using these options? Any installation professional, or self? What would you say are pros and cons to alternative power sources? What do you think is the cheapest, easiest way to power a home? Would like to hear from folks who have added alternative power sources to their homes and hear your experiences.

I have just answered a Q. similar to this,My G/Fs small holding has no mains, water, sewage,gas or electricity we have a genny that runs the washing machine, T.V & charges a large battery pack we have bottled gas for cooking & heating filtered rain water for showering & washing clothes, a composting toilet, all waste water is collected to water the veggys, when we’ve finished our waste ‘gulper’ we should be able to produce our own gas, the genny runs on bio fuel which we produce & the back up petrol genny runs on methenol, which we also produce, we dont pay any utility bills, how cheap do you want to run? you can only watch T.V for a couple of hours a night, but we’ve got all mod cons!

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