If I have solar panels for electricity, will I still have to be hooked up to the electric company?

In other words, is it possible to power all of my appliances and household equipment with electricity from solar panels? Or will I still have to do business with th electric company?

Please help me find stores that sell solar plates in the phils. what is the downside in using solar power?

how do you get the appliances connected to the solar power apparatus? does it have some kind of special switch or plug or anything….? i really don’t have any idea. or do you have to buy an appliance specially made for solar power? if so can anybody recommend a brand or store that sells these?

Costs Of Renewable Energy For The Home

We are looking at buying a house and renovating it, and were wondering about using solar or wind power to power much of our house. We will have a well, be on a septic system, have a wood burning furnace for heating the house, so we would like to have solar or wind power so we can use as little electricity as possible (its insanely expensive here!). We also have our appliances (fridge, stove, washer, dryer, freezer).
How much would a basic set up be for a 900 sq ft, 3 bedroom house? For either wind turbines or solar panels and necessary equipment? I am in Southern Ontario.