What are the drawbacks to using wind turbines or solar panels for providing all power to a home?

A. The wind and sun are not constant, so there would be times when no electricity would be generated.
B. The wind and sun are constant, so there would be plenty of electricity for the home.
C. Wind and solar power are inefficient and too expensive to use and maintain.
D. Wind and solar power are efficient, but they are not able to produce enough electricity for a single home.

How many kilowatt hours of electricity will the solar panels generate in 20 days?

A house with a south-facing roof has Photovoltaic panels on the roof. The photovoltaic panels have an efficiency of 10.3 % and occupy an area with dimensions 3.35 m by 8.55 m. The average solar radiation incident on the panels is 305 W/m2, averaged over all conditions for a year. How many kilowatt hours of electricity will the solar panels generate in 20 days?

What is the probability that none of the houses have solar panels to generate electricty?

Using a survey conducted in Winter 2009, it was estimated that only 1% of New Zealanders have solar panels on their houses to generate electricity. Consider a random sample of 20 New Zealand households.

a) What is the probability that at least one of them has solar panels to generate electricity?
b) What is the probability that none of them have solar panels to generate electricity?

Solar Electrical Power

solar electrical power
How is solar energy converted into heat and electricity? See more details?

Solar energy, energy sun that is converted into heat energy or electric? Can u please give me an example of each? Don Sun ——> ——-> _____________ _____________

Follow the link sources. It has a very detailed description of how thermal energy (photons) is converted into electrical energy. I hope this helps

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Electrical Solar Power

electrical solar power
how to design a solar panel to store energy and convert it into electricity?

first, to be totally honest I have no idea about how a solar panel. My task is to create something like a flashlight solar power stored energy from the sun during the day and convert it into electrical energy energy, then the light bulb so that it can operate at night. any ideas on how to design the solar panel? that can store enough enegry or more if no sun, the other day. and cost too: D

solar panels change light into electricity, and do not call the store. You need a solar panel capable of power enough to keep the lights on all night. And it can be 6 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. Then you need a set of batteries large enough to store this energy. And a charge controller to regulate the charge to the batteries. And then the light will operate on battery voltage, eg 12 volts. This probably not is impractical due to the large solar panel is necessary, and large batteries. But here's a few. Suppose a 100-watt light, 12 volts. Suppose you get at least 6 hours of sun each day and the light will light for 12 hours. This means that the battery has to store 100 * 12 = 1200 watts per hour. divide by 12 and is for 100 amps per hour, a large car battery. Taking into account the loss of 20% in the battery and circuitry, means 1,400 hours nee Watts solar panel. Because it has four hours of operation, which means you have to deliver 1400 / 4 = 350 watts, 15 volts. So this is: 350 watts panel 100 amp hours to load the driver size battery up to 100 watts of light. If you have to allow a day without sunshine, then you need more batteries. Two nights 2,400 watts half-hour, two batteries, a charge controller and a great 2800 / 4 = 700 watt panel. Cost: $ 400 to $ 200 batteries for the controller responsible for the $ panel 2000.


How hard and expensive is it to install solar panels on a house that is already built?

I live in central Texas. I want to install some solar panels on the roof of my house for electricity. Im just not sure how expensive it will be or if it even makes sense to do. My house is one story 2100 square feet.

Is there a way to hook up a solar power panel to a small appliance?

i was wondering if i could take one of those cheap solar panals that you can power you car battery with, and somehow hook it up to a microwave, or coffee maker or something like that?

Is there any other easier way to do this.

The whole goal is to not use electricity.