Converting to Solar Panels- If I wanted to convert my home to solar energy, what would the cost be?

Would I have to change the current wiring in my home, or just hook up to the solar panels? How much are solar panels? How do you determine what kind, size panels do get?
Would doing this really cost me less than using my local electric company, or is this mainly used for "Going Green"?

Cost Of Solar Power

cost of solar power
What is the cost of solar energy for a normal house (eg, two beds)

Check this link to response or!

How to Make Solar Panel – A Quick And Easy 101 Guide to Solar Energy Production

How much will it cost me to install solar panels and is it worth it?

My home is all electric and the rates just keep going up, up, and up,
I paid 0 for Jan – Feb this year and froze my tail off keeping it that
low. If I install solar panels, will it cost me less then what I’m paying
for electric? If you’re currently using solar panels can you tell me what
the pluses and minus’s are for going this route.

How Solar Power Works

how solar power works
How does this work? Solar Energy?

Okay, so I was wondering exactly how solar power works? If you can, please describe it as simple as possible.

If you mean photovoltaics, from the reference.

How Solar Energy Panels Work