Solar Hot Water

solar hot water
Is a solar hot water heater worth the upfront cost? What is the average time to pay it off?

Your cost return is going to depend on local sun conditions, local energy costs, initial system cost and cost of maintenance. I have generally heard that it may be as quick as 8 years or as much as 20 years or longer to pay itself off. Of course the higher energy costs rise the sooner the payback time would be.

The department of energy site listed below discusses the costs and payback terms. One thing they point out is that if the solar system heats provides less than 40% of the overall heating of your house then it’s probably not going to be cost effective.

Checkout the other site listed below for a comparison of life-cycle costs for different water heater options, including solar with electric backup heat. According to this site, indirect gas hot water heaters are the lowest cost option over a 13 year period and are less than half the cost of the solar with electric backup option.

Renewable Energy – Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

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Solar Powered Generator

solar powered generator
Are the sun’s rays more powerful at higher altitudes?And would a solar power Generator produce more power?

If you live in a high elevation, will the sun be more intense because of thinner air? And would a solar power generator produce more power because of this?

Yes, because at a high altitude, the sunlight would pass through a thinner atmosphere . This means that the atmosphere would scattered less energy away.

My Solar Backup Solar Power generator

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Solar Power Heating

solar power heating
Is a heat lamp considered as solar power?

I’m using a heat lamp for my project on solar energy. Is it considered as solar power?

Solar power uses only heat from the sun. If the heat lamp needs to be in the sun, or has a solar panel battery pack which you put in the sun, then it is solar powered. However if, like most heat lamps, you just plug it into a electric socket, then it’s running on mains electricity not solar energy.

Think you need to do a bit more thinking on this one.

Solar panels. Solartwin pool solar heating case study

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Solar Battery

solar battery
Does a 40 watt Solar Battery Charger come with battery protection to prevent overcharging of batteries?

Does a Tektrum 40 watt Solar Panel/Blocking Diode Cable/2m long Cable and Clamps Battery Charger Kit, Is this solar panel fitted with a battery protection circuit to prevent overcharging of batteries?
Or is it recommended to have a Solar Power Charge Controller. if so which one is best to use?

That’s a very good question and I don’t know about those specific products. I get most of my stuff from the site below because they really know their stuff.

($13) Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Phone Camera PDA MP3 MP4 Red-E00985

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Alternative Solar Power

alternative solar power
In your opinion, what is the best alternative energy source?

1. Hydroelectricity 2. Biomass (biofuels) 3. Geothermal 4. Wind Power 5. Solar Energy

I am of the view that all forms of alternative energy, excluding biomass (biofuels) and energy nuclear, are great alternatives. However, to prepare, on the basis of my work in the field of total energy independence in 2018, because solar energy is me favorite. Solar energy, one of my two favorites, the other wind energy, is about to exploit the recent invention of two things: One is nanotechnology and the second is the alternative use of parabolic mirrors. Let me explain. The work is developing more efficient solar cell that is smaller and more lighter than today's development. The company is Nanosolar ( and a process that still do not understand, is a compound produced and cast and painted in tin, which can be simple and inexpensive mass produced. The resulting solar cell has more energy and is much easier to produce than it does now. Furthermore, silicon process eliminates therefore reduce the price significantly. Solar cells are designed to be available to the public next year (2009). The second advance in solar energy is the development of a parabolic mirror at MIT. This process concentrates sunlight to a point that acts as a magnifying glass. This could result in a liquid to be heated enough to turn the creation of a power turbine. But another use of the mirrors could be used to supplement to sunlight available. It makes sense that a higher degree of concentrated sunlight on a set of solar cells get more solar energy over a long period of time. The parabolic mirror shows incredible promise. It's cheap, light and easy to reproduce.

Clean Solar Power Alternative Energy

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Solar Power Homes

solar power homes
How much does it cost to add solar power to add value to your home?

4.2 K system providing 70 to 85% of the annual average power

Not enough to justify the cost of installation, unless you can get some really fat subsidies. Solar system costs about $ 10 per watt of installed capacity, and a system can generate more than 2 kWh per installed watt of electricity annually, worth somewhere around 25 cents. I have a friend installed one, the list price was $ 13,000, but subsidies to reduce the net cost to $ 5.000. The system generates about $ 300 of electricity per year.

Green Wheels: Solar Power

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Home Solar Power Kits

home solar power kits
parts I have to put solar panels on the network and tie?

I have a relatively small house, but the space to work with the roof and patio. Obviously I know I need solar panels, but the parts that I have to do specifically (please, do not just say "kit") to tie on the network for the company to pay me so you can produce. All brand preferences would be welcome.

I did some research for you and found this site. More information about ….. Hope that helps!

How To Make A Home Solar Power Generator

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Solar Power For Home

solar power for home
Do you have experience with solar energy at home?

I am doing research of our home. I wonder how long the solar panels past and if any maintenance. Operators with whom I spoke, seemed to offer a guarantee of 25 years and say there is no maintenance. What repair or replacing the roof, with panels in place? Dealers say the roof can be accessed under the plates to repair and to extend the life of the roof. Any information to share?

I am a solar technology, so believe me when I say not to put photovoltaic panels on the roof because their investment not be returned unless there is 40,000 square feet of roof space to sell their labor to the network. installation cost of PV is a conservative, more $ 30,000. Here's what to do. First, your roof is south? It is clear from the trees? is new construction or existing? If your orientation south of its business. Some states do not allow tax benefits if the south. You need to install a solar thermal system in your home. Depending on your square meters, determine how many panels you need. say you have 2,000 square feet, and you want hot water for domestic use, you only need two panels and a water heater Hot 108 liters. if you install a solar heat exchanger in his conduct ATAC (recommended) requires a third panel. Change of thermal solar energy (including benefits tax) is about 3 years. There is so much information I can tell you, but I do not have a lot of space in this post. The warranty is correct, life cover increases because they are protecting the deck panels, so there is no truth in it. but if you only put two or three roof panels, small factor.

How To Make Solar Panels For Home

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Cheap Solar Power

cheap solar power
solar energy cheap and good.?

I was thinking about getting solar power for my house for a while, but now I do not know much about it. Then someone give me a link to a site selling or solar wind and good price?

Check out the free educational videos at the store Alte. They will answer a lot of questions you have. The Alte shop can put together a complete package for wind, solar, or both. If you install energy solar, no need for batteries to store energy, you can connect to the network and sell them for any accessories you do during the day and buy the one that's used for night. more This is called net metering and is available in U.S. companies supply. It reduces the cost and hassle of a system. There is a different kind power, which requires no special equipment to run with it, no more than the standard AC power to the group is generally used. Wind energy is worth watch if you are at least 10 mph annual average wind speed. Less than that and you have a very expensive lawn ornament. Before spending money on alternative energy systems, look what you can do to save energy in the first place. For every $ 1 invested in conservation, or $ 4 less you have to spend the solar energy. It is much cheaper to save energy to do it. Also consider solar water heating. Depending on how warm the water, and discounts available in your area, you can pay for itself in about five years.

How Can I Build A Cheap Solar Panel To Power My Home

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Solar Power

solar power
What kind of solar power installation that I need to just a quarter of the energy needs?

I live in the basement of a house and my fourth career in solar energy. I have two strips that run a TV and DVD player, laptop, printer and two external hard drives and the need to use a pair of floor lamps in the room. What kind of solar panels that I need and what the estimate of the costs?

Let me say, the cost would be of great value. It seems that you need at least 750 watts. if you want to use things also electricity during the night, the system could provide much power to the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. That is a total of 1500 watts and needs 10 to 15 panels, plus a drive, trails panels, breakers and fuses the two cables. We expect about $ 10,000 or more.

How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY Part 1

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