Affordable Solar Power

affordable solar power

Alternative energy environmentally friendly are becoming more affordable all the time and solar cell phone chargers are among the least expensive.

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption is to use a charger that uses renewable energy from the sun to recharge a cell phone. These units small light come in a variety of sizes and power to recharge a breeze.

An alternative energy technology has come a long way in past decade. Today, the cell phone solar chargers are small enough to fit on a keychain and can be connected to a phone or mobile device.

The units are priced from as little as U.S. $ 15 more than U.S. $ 100 USA. Smaller and less expensive units take longer to recharge a battery that is discharged disadvantages of technology.

It may take 10-12 hours to recharge a cell phone. Light solar is needed, which means phones need to be connected during the day are normally in use.

An alternative is to buy a second battery and keep you connected to a solar panel during the day. A second alternative would be to buy a larger unit, which produces more solar energy.

The problem the population is even higher, will only work when the sun is hitting the panels directly and can still take up to eight hours to recharge. Keep a second battery connected all day could work, but the panels still need direct sunlight for most cases to function effectively. With the sun's movement from side to side of the house all day, the only direct sunlight can reach the solar cell for hours at a time.

Some people choose to create your own solar cell phone charger individual cells. These units are much less expensive cell with a lower back under $ 15. However, electrical experience need to connect the solar cell with an energy storage battery or a converter to change the output DC power to AC output device mobile can be used for recharging.

There are three general issues for shippers. These are the panels of a pull, key chain and mesh panels in place vertical. Flip versions similar to a clamshell phone with solar cells located inside a plastic housing. Keychain versions are very small and offer no protection to collect the energy cells. The vertical model is the most expensive and often rises as a framework. All versions can be found online for purchase.

An alternative energy technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Eventually, all mobile devices can be recharged using the sun's rays, but until day comes, the current models give an idea of what will surely be common in the near future.

M.S. Rochell is the editor of which offers education and inspiration on the benefits of going green with solar energy, DIY solar power, and affordable solar energy solutions. Please visit for more solar cell phone charger information, and to receive our free Free Solar Panel eBooks.

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