Alternative Energy Solar

alternative energy solar
could use alternative energy if a solar storm struck?

I wonder why scientists are so stupid and blind! lol, apparently there next solar storm in 2013, which will destroy our satellites, also why not move back to the satellites during a couple of weeks during the solar storms that are not damaged? is better than being destroyed forever, and also because they say the storm will blow or processors because so many energy, so forget about using wind and solar power, solar energy, because there is much in the next? and energy water, such as the turbine. And they say that since we can not have electricity, because the processors will not be able to drill oil wells, so that nobody can go nowhere, but then the sun and wind and water that is transformed into electricity for details, and if I'm right where you can suggest that these ideas scientists

Solar storms come and go every 11 years or more. For 11 years, was considerably smaller satellites, then now a Solar Storm to stop them, but only if scientists, engineers at NASA, and other professionals working in this field, you can not see that is not satellite ready for such disturbances, it is highly unlikely. In addition, scientists are now debating whether this storm is so violent as planned earlier. Typically, satellites are out or are directed to positions outside the immediate vicinity of the damage. Moreover, the issue of alternative fuel sources, energy solar and wind power are nowhere near the efficiency of oil due to the fact that the infrastructure is not there to support that system. To transform a set of infrastructure to support these fuel sources that require at least 30 years.

alternative energy solar micro hydro and wind

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