Alternative Solar Power

alternative solar power
In your opinion, what is the best alternative energy source?

1. Hydroelectricity 2. Biomass (biofuels) 3. Geothermal 4. Wind Power 5. Solar Energy

I am of the view that all forms of alternative energy, excluding biomass (biofuels) and energy nuclear, are great alternatives. However, to prepare, on the basis of my work in the field of total energy independence in 2018, because solar energy is me favorite. Solar energy, one of my two favorites, the other wind energy, is about to exploit the recent invention of two things: One is nanotechnology and the second is the alternative use of parabolic mirrors. Let me explain. The work is developing more efficient solar cell that is smaller and more lighter than today's development. The company is Nanosolar ( and a process that still do not understand, is a compound produced and cast and painted in tin, which can be simple and inexpensive mass produced. The resulting solar cell has more energy and is much easier to produce than it does now. Furthermore, silicon process eliminates therefore reduce the price significantly. Solar cells are designed to be available to the public next year (2009). The second advance in solar energy is the development of a parabolic mirror at MIT. This process concentrates sunlight to a point that acts as a magnifying glass. This could result in a liquid to be heated enough to turn the creation of a power turbine. But another use of the mirrors could be used to supplement to sunlight available. It makes sense that a higher degree of concentrated sunlight on a set of solar cells get more solar energy over a long period of time. The parabolic mirror shows incredible promise. It's cheap, light and easy to reproduce.

Clean Solar Power Alternative Energy

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