Concentrating Solar Power

concentrating solar power
5 things you need to survive on the moon?

just crashed on the moon, and has to survive for seven days, the 15 elements, box would be your top 5 games of 50 feet of nylon rope, two .45 caliber pistols, self-inflating raft ten gallons of water a first aid kit fm transmitter-receiver solar Map Star 3100 pounds of battery powered portable oxygen tanks and parachutes concentrated solar a case of dehydrated milk compass magnetic signal list of call numbers of 1-5, with 1 being the most important

oxygen tanks for breathing in the water can not last a week without you star chart can say where the stars will position the FM transmitter to send a signal to a base of concentrated foods you eat can last long without it there is no compass because the moon has no magnetic field. games, they do not need oxygen, where there is no parachute moon.a why not? milk, since not only raft water.a, no. child first aid is important not to exceed even the fifth outbreak of chain pistol.a perhaps I am not heating unit sure.I I do not think you have to be at the top 5. and there you go

Energy 101: Concentrating Solar Power

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