Future Of Solar Power

future of solar power
Solar energy / oil issue?

I know a lot of companies and individuals are beginning to use solar energy, and I think it a very good idea. Do you ever stop with that much oil, especially for converting solar energy in the future?

Even if we move away fossil fuels hope that does not mean that gasoline or diesel will, which is what our cars run. We can synthesize gasoline and diesel fuel through Fischer-Tropsch process from synthesis gas, which is a mixture of gaseous hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The fact that Sandia Labs was originally conceived CR5 more efficiently as a separate hydrogen from water, but realized it could also break the link between carbon monoxide and dioxide carbon with hydrogen and carbon monoxide that could synthesize fuels such as methane, gasoline and diesel, water all, carbon dioxide and sunlight. Better , the hydrogen and carbon monoxide carbon dioxide can easily be made of everything that burns through a 19th century technology called gasification. That was how the lights lit our road before the gas, called town gas, coal gas or wood gas. This means that the synthesis gas can be done any biomass (including waste water), and not just part of the grain of a plant. Even algae is only 50% of the oil in a gasification can be converted more biomass into fuel than any other technology to other bio-fuel. Moreover, a byproduct of coal gasification plant that is used as an amendment of land not only makes the soil fertile, but more carbon in the soil. Other methods of obtaining carbon in the soil, such as slash and burn and compost not stabilize carbon, so it is released into the atmosphere as CO2, but biochar is stable and has been known to sequester carbon for thousands of years and probably much more time. This means that synthetic diesel fuel and can actually be carbon negative electrolysis hydrogen or electric vehicles that never can say it is. Together with the fact that synthetic petrol and diesel would be distributed to existing infrastructure and work with existing vehicles and is clearly the greener fuels sensitive. So the best substitute for petrol and diesel is not just gasoline and diesel from fossil reserves. Of course, the true source of energy for synthetic fuels is still the sun, either directly from biomass or the sun, with the RC5. Concepts such as hydrogen cars fuel cells and electric vehicles are very neat and geeky but only divert attention and funds now the only approach that is carbon negative. We already have millions of petrol and diesel vehicles on the road, gas stations and oil pipelines to distribute gasoline and diesel so that our efforts are best kept in manufacture of synthetic petrol and diesel from biomass. Note that both the gasification and Fischer Tropsch technologies are proven and technologies have been deployed on a commercial scale before (whole cities in the city gas, entire countries like Nazi Germany embargoed countries and South Africa on FT fuel). Only investment is needed for this to happen, the investment will not occur until investors are sure it would be gasoline over $ 3 gallon long enough to get a return on investment. Then we could stop using fossil fuels, now if it were not for the fact that it is still cheap and not give up any of our modern vehicles, except for sub $ 3 per gallon gasoline prices. Solar power is cool, it's just carbon neutral but not preclude the use of petrol and diesel is not necessary to switch to a hydrogen economy to take power from solar panels as energy vehicles Solar can also stored in gasoline and synthetic diesel as easily, as can be stored in hydrogen and synthetic petrol and diesel from biomass could remove carbon from the atmosphere, solar and hydrogen, but can not. PS takes millions of years, the nature of the conversion of biomass for fossil fuel reserves not thousands.

Energy expert discusses the future of solar power

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