Residential Solar Energy

Anyone out there with a Stirling engine heated by solar energy to generate residential electricity?

I am a general contractor in Texas, currently I am creating a family atmosphere enjoyable for me and for the young family to live, I see my options for generating electricity, or PV, with generators of the battery and inverter, bio diesel, the Stirling engine powered by the sun, where the solar wind compensation. I have a project for a Trombe wall, to help cool the house in summer and warm in winter. H2O heaters solar energy is a no brainer, my brother in the UK has one and has a wealth of Hot H20. The cooling system is likely to include geothermal energy, once again a large number of systems available, unfortunately for the masses these systems are more expensive than traditional power suction compressors and heat exchangers. Hopefully the time spent on renewable energy for my house that government will offer over a $ 2000.00 tax credit for investment. If so, please send me the details.

Yes, but I live in England

Residential Solar Panels – Build Residential Solar Power Energy

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