Rv Solar Power

rv solar power
Someone is using small solar panels at home with the practical results?

What about the sources of the front of the products solar powered? Apart from toys, lamps and garden frogs outdoorpath I found some useful items for the home. What I have found are the panels U.S. solar for less $ 100 each, investors, internal rechargeable light and a small number of products Camping / RV they are interesting. I believe it could help to get away from the family out of the power company. I can not afford to go at once and cover my roof with solar panels and I do not believe that the maintenance of the association I may, even if I could. Someone is using solar energy on a small scale?

solar panel Technologys move all the time. I can be wrong about this has been at least six months since I registered, but the last time I checked, solar panels as we know, the kind that you can not put enough on the roof to generate energy to make a complete family, especially if they have children with multiple game consoles, televisions, lighting, kitchen, refrigerators, etc, Not to mention the tools like lawn mower or an electric sander! That is, can not generate enough power unless they are willing to spend a lot of money bestest most up to date and has all the space in the garden on the roof and mount them. In fact, it would be cheaper just to pay bills over the next 30 or 40 years, the current price of doing something. However, other ideas are more reasonable, I have seen people mount plastic tanks in rectulanguler roof paint the exterior of which a matte black and put a clear coat on them. This heats the water inside, saving the cost of heating and bathroom heating the house at night. the most expensive part you are getting and mounted to pump the water around the house. Another alternative is geothermal. That is to replace your radiator and heating as well as a set of spiral tubes throughout your home. These tubes lead to backyard under the ground about 3 or 4 meters. The idea is that the land on which the debt is always a constant temperature, regardless of the weather, so if the house gets too hot pipe (which is filled with a solution of water / antifreese and are not connected to the water system) to transfer heat from the house and under the earth there, but if the house gets too cold, take the heat pipes under land out there and put it in the house. This, however, make a heating or air conditioning almost useless as your home will always be the same temperature. Again, you need a pump to pump the solution into the tubes around the house.

RV solar panel

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