Solar Cells

solar cells

When building homemade solar panels are some steps you need to do. First you need to connect each cell in a sequence (6 cells with sequence). You have to make six strings to produce enough voltage to produce a significant amount of energy. Once he made chains need to connect each other.

The first thing to do to connect the chains of cells together is to make sure you have all the tools together. When connecting the wires together, you need a piece of something that will be used for solar panel face (I use plexiglass as it is relatively cheap and will not break like glass). The blade should be 2 "X 4". This is a couple of inches longer than we need, but then they get together, you can trim the excess. Other tools you need are a soldering iron, the bus wire, flux, and some silicone.

If you are using a shell of Plexiglas on one side of paper to expose the surface. Put all chains of cells in the sheet and allow safe space beyond them (I use a small piece of wood. Once they are spaced correctly apply a small Silicone touch to keep each string in place. The reason for this is so you do not have to worry about things slide when all welds. Do not worry by fusion or plexiglass … I used this method for more than 50 panels and nothing went wrong.

Now is the time to leave your soldering iron and heat. While is heating up the place a small stream in each of the strings that are to be connected. The flow is important because without the solder does not "stick" to the cell, and instead, keep the soldering iron.

Cut a bus cable (as the wire tab, but more than they can handle more power) and put between each chains to be welding together. Touch the solder to it and apply a little solder. Do this for each of the six strings.

Congratulations! You successfully connected all the strings of solar cells together. Before you usually spend the paper in front and a flashlight on it while connected to a multimeter to ensure that everything is connected correctly and that produces energy.

I built my own solar panels and a wind generator and saved well over $30,000. I get a cheque from the power company because I produce more energy than I use. If you’d like to learn how you can do the same check out Building Solar Panels [].

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