Solar Energy Systems

solar energy systems
Are systems of wind and solar power is indicated only when the sun shines, the wind blowing?

Also, please go to any revision popular literature and expert sources who can help with this problem?

There are some options. So you can tie to the network and waiting area will a surplus, while another area is in crisis. Electricity is already transferred over long distances, so this is not new, but the load balancing is a problem, and there are problems with new sources of energy that is added to the network. For solar energy, the maximum load is the first energy during the day, especially on hot days, when the A / C is necessary for solar power plants that can take the place of natural gas "peaker" plant used to help with a full load. Second, if you have solar power systems (as opposed to solar photovoltaic), you can heat a mass holds the heat, and then use the heat later. This could work for several days of clouds, but the total energy production would be reduced over time. Photovoltaics work very good lighting conditions cloudy, do not need a clear blue sky.

Solar Home Energy Systems – How To Make Solar Energy At Home

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