Solar Home Power

solar home power

We all know that the cost for our home energy bill is keep on rising. An alternative is to generate your own power is by building home solar powered generator and reduce or even eliminate the electrical company from your life forever. Imagine running your electrical appliances without worrying about paying any bills.

By installing your own home solar electricity you will be able to eliminate your power bills by generating your own free power while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

After the initial installation you can use your home solar powered generator electricity for free, as much as you like, all day without worrying about what it is going to cost. A solar power generator uses solar energy to convert it into electrical energy in order to run the household appliances.

Many families have taken the initiative to learn how to set up their own residential solar systems for a fraction of the cost of a professional installation. The aim of home owners is to construct a solar power system that will handle the total peak load demand of all the home appliances. Generating solar electricity using your own renewable energy home solar power system fits the circumstances and values of some home owners.

The installation cost is a one-time cost. If you have looked into a professional solar installation, you know that it can cost you tens of thousands for a whole home conversion. However, the installation process itself can typically be completed in only a few days time, in many cases even less and in addition, if you build it yourself, the installation cost is only a fraction of what we have to pay the professional installer.

A consideration in every home solar electricity installation is to examine the amount of power you are actually using and see where you can reduce this as much as possible. The inverter is usually attached to the house itself, close to the main electrical box/meter to keep the installation as clean as possible.

If you are using solar powered generator that uses a battery to store solar electricity for later use, solar electricity is sent to a battery bank where it is stored until needed. The battery bank can then supply all the electricity for the home during the night.

Most solar photovoltaic experts do not recommend adding a backup battery system unless there is concern about a long utility outage or the residence is in a remote location. The second available solar panel system for supplying home solar electricity is a grid-tie with battery backup. I think a grid-tied system with battery backup would be best since in America at least the power company will send you a check if you produce more power than you use.

You will be amazed at how simple and easy the whole solar power system is to set up and proper solar power information guide will give great detail to explain where and how to source the materials and most important where you can pick up deep cycle batteries to use in your home solar power system sometimes for free or very cheap.

Some of the guides are very well written, with step by step instructions, illustrations, diagrams and videos. Quality instructions that are easy to follow are vital to find when trying to build your own solar panel. Some of these guides are better than others but you will find some that are very thorough and provide excellent instructions and diagrams. You can simply follow the step-by-step instructions available with the kit and create you very own homemade solar panels.

Getting home solar powered generator electricity is more affordable today than 10 years ago. The first thing to determine is how much power you will need from your home solar electricity system. With the right solar power information and step-by-step installation guide, anyone can build and install their own home solar electricity system.

Now there is an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to make solar panels for much cheaper than retail cost visit

Andy Riandi

A Bright Alternative – Sustainable Energy via Solar

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