Solar Home

solar home
Home Solar?

It is convenient to retro fit in a house with solar energy? The solar panels have become inexpensive enough for the owner home average use? What is the price of an average home of 1,800 square feet is the same figure. Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

Normally retro-adaptation a house is not practical. My parents built a solar house on the southern tip of the TC 1970 and the location of the house on the property, the orientation of the home, the latitude, length, the materials used for collecting and storing solar energy – and lots of other options that had to do before you can obtain a permit. Link below is for Real Goods, which is a reliable source of solar technology for the people of DIY, then the second link includes re: FAQ: Resources necessary for domestic solar energy. My husband and I visited a house with solar energy in the Old Testament is presented in the newsletter of real estate – lived people completely outside the system – this was eight years ago.

Solar Energy Basics for Your Home

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