Solar Photovoltaic Power

solar photovoltaic power

Due to many benefits and environment friendliness of solar energy, many people are now turning their attention to building solar power systems.

Here, we are going to focus on building solar power of the photovoltaic type and its various uses:

Building solar power system of the photovoltaic type involves connecting solar cells in such a way that they form a solar module of up to two to four feet width and four to six feet length. Some of these modules look similar to the old roof shingles. These interconnected solar modules form a PV solar system, also called a solar array.

This array is mounted on the roof of a building in such a way that it faces south at an angle. This is to ensure that the modules receive a maximum amount of sunlight. Another material that goes in building photovoltaic power system is the inverter. This inverter converts the electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Through this function, you will be able to use the power generated by this system to power standard electronic appliances such as computers. You can also add batteries as an emergency backup in the event of power outages or in a situation where the PV system is not connected to the utility power lines.

Uses of PV System:

You can put together the PV systems in every possible, conceivable form in order to use them in your home or commercial buildings. Furthermore, PV systems can be for outdoors, for security lighting in parking lots, gardens and bus shelters. They can also be used to operate all electrical systems such as lights, cooling systems and appliances. However, while using PV systems, you should ascertain that they are sized in accordance to your electricity needs and budget.

Building solar power systems of photovoltaic types are useful to light all types of appliances and also help to conserve energy.

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics

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