Solar Power Electricity

solar power electricity
How does solar energy to generate power in use?

I mean, how solar energy to generate electricity and heat? This is for a class, then I would appreciate it if you were positive. Consider the websitre or book you use. THANK YOU!

Start with the site Wikipedia. So look for specific purposes: The energy of the sun gives us light and heat. more energetic photons of light can be used for a few electrons accident of atoms, electrons can flow through electrical cables (photovolatic cells). The sun's heat evaporates water from oceans, forms clouds, rain on both sides of the mountains, streams, creeks, rivers … Solar energy is "stored" in the streams as water flows into the ocean. Us intercept to run turbines (hydro-). Plants absorb the energy of sunlight (chlorophyll). In trees, it becomes fibrous material that, when buried for thousands of years to become coal. When we burn coal, to "liberate" stored solar energy. Animals eat the plants (which in turn represent stored solar energy), and when buried for thousands of years, back to oil.

Solar Electric Home – How We Use Solar Electricity

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