Solar Power Installations

solar power installations
Anyone know the price of solar – thermal and photovoltaic – the price system and a micro wind power system?

I'm doing research on installing a fuel cell inside a house and want to compare the price of this system with a PV and solar thermal energy system and also the price micro wind energy for use in residential buildings. Prices will be installed or adequate KW KWh … source? Thanks

What should be an answer for easy, because it will cost $ 14/watt for $ 7/watt solar and wind energy for is not so easy in fact. There are "two" major challenges for understanding and PV system costs of wind power and energy? # 1. POWER is difficult to discover. You buy these systems depending on their nameplate "value", but if you really care about their total electricity generation: To explain: Each of these systems, solar and wind, will be "evaluated" for its ability to produce energy. This classification is known as face value and the purchase of a "90 wattage of solar panels, and 90 watts is the maximum power can produce the panel in a sunny afternoon. Also, the 1 kW (nominal) wind turbine will be "evaluated" the maximum power that can generate enough wind on the high (typically 30 mph sustained). If you're really using these power generation systems, the nominal value is good to know that the total power that is faced in the system, but not very useful for determining the energy production. What really counts is watts / year does not watt for the best. To determine your estimated annual per watt of solar or wind energy is very difficult and depends on the sun and wind conditions where they live and how to install these. In general, a solar system with a nominal power of 3 kW will produce about 4000 kW / h per year, "Sun" good "(U.S. South), and a 3 kW wind turbine will produce about 6000 kW / h in "good wind" (Wind-class three areas.) A map of wind classes can be found at # 2. The price is hard to find. Even if you do some math and calculate the production of energy for your system, there is a price "easier" to complete any of them. Solar panels require installation, DC-AC inverters, network connection systems and / or battery systems. wind systems also require the installation, including the work of the tower foundation and potentially costly, if you want to get the turbine in high winds, solar inverters network and batteries, etc. It is not unusual WANT solar or wind installation costs to double or triple the purchase of the panels or turbines themselves. I wanted to know what to buy, the answer is: if it is really sunny and windy Otherwise, use solar, windy (branches offer singing in the branches) the wind. then jeremy

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