Solar Power Kits

solar power kits

What is Earth4Energy exactly?

Earth4Energy is one of the leading DIY Solar Power handbooks that teach teaches homeowners how to build and install a solar power system for under $200. This DIY Solar Kit also comes with over two hours of easy to understand video tutorials that all can be instantly downloaded online.

Some of the benefits of a DIY Solar Kit include:

– An awesome savings on your power bill that you will have immediately after installation.

– Solar Power Systems do not put off any carbon dioxide; therefore you get to help out the environment with a clean renewable energy solution.

– As you know, the power may sometimes go out, but because you do not live on the power grid anymore, you will not be affected.

– By building your own solar panels you will save many thousands of dollars compared to factory solar panels.

What expenses should I expect when installing my own solar panels?

After finding all of the necessary supplies and equipment for a DIY Solar Kit, you should of spent no more than $200 – $300 in total. That is probably the cost of two monthly energy bills that you are paying right now. Not only can you count on a huge savings with your energy cost, but also it is possible for you to get rid of your power bill all together. As you can see the initial cost of installation will be compensated in no time with the savings that you get from a DIY Solar Power Kit.

What if I do not understand the instructions that comes with Earth4Energy?

I am personally not the most technical of people but I was able to make sense of the plans with much ease. You should also know of the Earth4Energy forum in case you have any questions. By the way, the Customer Service is not too bad either. My biggest roadblock for going solar was simply taking action. After finding the proper motivation, I was soon cutting the cost of my power bill. I have not reached my goal entirely but after a few more tweaks here and there, I am sure I will create the off-the-grid lifestyle I desire.

If you are interested in downloading Earth4Energy, just click the link.

In addition, there is an in depth Earth4Energy Review Site that offers a thorough description of the leading Home Energy Kits to be found online, including actual customer feedback.

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