Solar Power Plant

solar power plant
Want a solar power plant near your home?

List some good reasons that I want a solar power plant near his home. This is for a school project for a list of some good answers.

I would like a solar power plant for my house. I have no problem with these things, nor do I complain about a wind farm. "Charcoal now (about 5 km from me) pollutes every day. This is the burning of" clean " the plan, but traders seem to have found a way to hide their pollution. I can see the yellow mist being emitted from the plume of steam from cooling towers (But not the steam is supposed to be) on sunny days. I told the EPA about this place, but nothing was done. Grift and I think that bribery. Finally, wind and solar plants clean and efficient when feeding operation and requires no registration or mining.

Sterling Dish 500MW solar power plant

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