Solar Power Roof

solar power roof
i live in queens ny with a huge flat roof i want to add solar or even wind power?

I also have a garage roof peaked, to me wasted space south facing. How much to have someone come and install a system, that perhaps pays for itself in 5 years ? Single guy alot of computer , one small ac at night,fridge normal stuff
thanks and any recommendations ?
i would not mind if it just did half my ussage

5 Years is a bit optimistic, unless power costs
go up, (as they well may).
Remember, you get a maximum of about 1 Watt per Sq. Meter of collector, and that’s only for part of the day.
That “small A.C.” may have to go.

Thin Film Solar Flat Roof – 5 kW in 2.5 hours.

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