Solar Pv Power

solar pv power
You can bridge DC / AC inverters to increase the production of photovoltaic solar energy service launched?

Need to know if you can build a bridge between various units of a 6K 1000w inverter power a house, or there is a way to modularize the food service to accommodate up to 220 devices

It depends on the unit. Some investors can be stacked, combined in parallel to increase current as possible, and so watts, or in series to increase voltage 220V or 208V. A lot of small investors, and a 1000W inverter is small enough for residential use not have this capability. Also, you must ensure that the inverter is UL to pass the inspection of buildings. If you already have converters, see the documentation to see if they can be stacked, or better yet, sell it on eBay and buy a 6000W 220V converter. You can see converters available.

SolarEdge: maximum PV energy at a lower cost – Part 1/3

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