Solar Thermal Power

solar thermal power
Homework help solar power?

Clearly explain how solar energy is converted into electricity and how the conversion and explain occors each form of energy used. – And I'm asking for help because my partner does not make a shit about what is not my partner and I'm doing this for myself to keep my previous note. <3 and it is a expample than I need, except that it is solar energy. Thermal V (explainn) V Electreical (explain) V-nuclear (explain) V & Still onn! <3

Books have been written books on the subject. However, a brief summary of what happens in a solar cell is essentially the material used in the construction of the cell are materials that, when photons of light hit / molecules, the electrons move to a higher orbit or state energy and electrons are released easily enough for your extra energy to be transferred to other electrons and is the cumulative effect of a measurable current in a measurable voltage potential as the electrochemical reaction of a battery. Because of how the compounds in the cell is mounted, are also similar to a diode or transistor very large so that all electrons which gives it its power as electricity, are giving up the energy that can migrate only one direction in a circuit. The thermal effect is minimal, but the panels are absorbing solar energy. This is a simplification of the process, but gives an idea of ​​what is happening inside the cell photoelectric. Increased participation would parallel the "hole theory", which describes the transistors. Not enough space here to enlarge this. One manufacturer of thin film solar panels would be a good place to explore. If I had to refer to them by some specific textbooks, I could probably list a few.

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