What is the current solar technology practice that should be chosen to produce, to avoid costly R & D?

Hi, for a school project, I was asked to establish a business model of a factory to produce solar energy. But I'm stuck a little. The main thing I have a problem with understanding the difference between panels, or photovoltaic solar film and painting. It is likely that current technology should opt for a (production), with a lower risk in light of future changes? Can anyone help clarify this for me? Thanks!

Up to 100% efficiency, none of the technologies currently "Viable" solar can avoid the possibility of becoming obsolete. With advances in materials and carbon nanotubes is only on the horizon, you can expect significant progress in the near future. Whatever the actual product you select for your business model, which is expected to be modified to adapt new technologies for it. This is a trial, if you go to the expensive production facilities make the layer of high-performance panels in three dimensions or more PV market in an attempt to reduce productivity, but the cheap paint photovoltaics, where the emphasis would be on the installation service in place of production or the medium of film, is unknown. The decision should be decided by non-financial and marketing of a technical decision.

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