How to get solar power continuously and without any interrupt?

Gas prices are bound to increase , I think will never come below . Only solar power is the guaranteed clean,affordable ,low prices alternative option.Only problem is it is not available at all time, Can we build a system that can be placed above the clouds and supply us the solar energy on the ground continuously? Any thoughts?

Does anyone know where to find TRUE grants for individuals who want to change their home to solar power?

I have been looking for grants for individuals who want to change their home to solar power; however, I am finding loans in the name of grants or disguised as grants.

I am looking for legit grants.

Does solar power have anything to do with physics?

Im doing a 3 minute speech tomorrow for physics and ive left it to the last minute and my question is "Is solar power really worth the money?"
I am planning to just go on about stuff like how long it will take for solar panels to pay themselves off with the money I save and stuff about returning to the grid…..
Do this really have anything to do with physics? PLEASE HELP

We were thinking about switching to solar power for heat? How much and where to start?

We have forced oil which is not allowed by our loan we received on our new house which is 200 years old. The house is currently 1,300 square feet. Instead of switching to gas, we were interested in solar power. How to I begin the research on this and where to buy?
Also how $$ is doing something like this? We don’t know anyone with solar power so any comments or suggestions would be great.
IN NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solar Power

solar power
What kind of solar power installation that I need to just a quarter of the energy needs?

I live in the basement of a house and my fourth career in solar energy. I have two strips that run a TV and DVD player, laptop, printer and two external hard drives and the need to use a pair of floor lamps in the room. What kind of solar panels that I need and what the estimate of the costs?

Let me say, the cost would be of great value. It seems that you need at least 750 watts. if you want to use things also electricity during the night, the system could provide much power to the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. That is a total of 1500 watts and needs 10 to 15 panels, plus a drive, trails panels, breakers and fuses the two cables. We expect about $ 10,000 or more.

How to build a Solar Panel from Solar Cells DIY Part 1

Is there research or products for solar power to lighting?

We’ve heard CFL or other ways a light bulb can maximize its effeciency with least energy.

We’ve also heard solar panels improving on harnessing sun light.

BUT, are there products that directly harness solar power for the sole purpose of using the power for lighting?
(collect light during day, make light during night)

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flourescent materials? sounds fun, but how long do they last?

What are problems associated with alternative energy sources such as solar power and nuclear?

im doing a project for school and it asks what are the problems associated with alternative energy sources.
now, i know fossil fuels(coal, oil etc…) create greenhouse gasses but solar power, it seems there is nothing wrong with it
is there anything wrong with it?