Solar Powered Generator

solar powered generator
Are the sun’s rays more powerful at higher altitudes?And would a solar power Generator produce more power?

If you live in a high elevation, will the sun be more intense because of thinner air? And would a solar power generator produce more power because of this?

Yes, because at a high altitude, the sunlight would pass through a thinner atmosphere . This means that the atmosphere would scattered less energy away.

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Solar Power

solar power
What kind of solar power installation that I need to just a quarter of the energy needs?

I live in the basement of a house and my fourth career in solar energy. I have two strips that run a TV and DVD player, laptop, printer and two external hard drives and the need to use a pair of floor lamps in the room. What kind of solar panels that I need and what the estimate of the costs?

Let me say, the cost would be of great value. It seems that you need at least 750 watts. if you want to use things also electricity during the night, the system could provide much power to the equipment, and more to charge the batteries. That is a total of 1500 watts and needs 10 to 15 panels, plus a drive, trails panels, breakers and fuses the two cables. We expect about $ 10,000 or more.

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Solor Power

solor power
turn on the generator or small solor panel for the outlet?

well so I was wondering if I can connect a small generator, or perhaps as a small solar panel and the network Convet simply plug into a wall only if there is a lot more could go back insted of going directly to the network?

I think that a solar panel to charge much more than a phone unless it is a good and great. Now, a generator, yes. You can run a dedicated line to a power Current or two. Be careful when you run it and connect many devices do not overload the capacity of the generators.

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