Solar power good for mix of options for Bridgeport CT?

Looking now into the issue of expansion of local power plant – A power company wanting to expand here in CT tells me that they do have a “solar powered station in Arlington, Arizona. The intensity of the sun in the Southwest allows solar energy to be a substantial part of an energy portfolio. Connecticut, with its more temperate climate, is less suited to solar energy,” but I want to find out if solar can become part of our urban skyline. Hope someone can refer me to someone who can help me in this search.
Perhaps some university, or a geek in a garage somewhere, will introduce something new? How long did it take for the "scientists" to accept the element Oxygen…

How can I set my house up for total solar power?

I am looking to find out how to go about setting my house up for total solar power? I live in the South so sun isn’t a big problem for us. I’d really rather be using a sustainable product than keep letting the electric company keep charging me for THEIR gas usage. Exspecially when I see their trucks running all over town to run their daily errands instead of working.

Do I only need solar panels to have energy in day and through the night?

So I want to go completely solar. Do I need the connected solar panels alone for after sundown hours; Do I need something else in order to have energy to run my entire house throughout the night?

In other words do solar panels store the energy for after sun-down or do I need other devices to store the energy?

How can electrons keep being generated by solar panels?

I was trying to figure out how solar panels work today and I found that electrons get displaced in 2 layers of a solar panel by photons coming from the sun to create power. If the electrons come from the solar panel and go into the electrical grid, how are they replaced in the solar panel? Wouldn’t the solar panel eventually lose all of its electrons and stop working? Electrons have mass, so wouldn’t the solar panel slowly deteriorate?

I think solar energy is awesome and I really want to know how it works. Any help in enlightening me on this subject would great, thanks!